Major Benefits To Fast Liquid Nutritional Supplements



There’s no doubt that we as a society don’t get enough vitamins and minerals in our diet.  We hate eating fruits and vegetables (at least most of us do) and we are always on the go.  Even when we come home from a long day of work, we don’t really want to take the time to make something healthy or worthwhile so we put in a frozen pizza or order Chinese takeout. On top of that, it becomes a problem because we think we’re getting enough benefit out of taking multivitamins in a pill or capsule form so that pushes out the need to have a healthy balanced diet.  While taking multivitamins are a popular thing to do it still has its drawbacks.

For starters, these vitamins and minerals do not fully absorb into the body.  What good would that be to you if you were not able to actually take in all the vitamins and minerals that they claim they give you? Not a whole lot.  It is estimated that only 20 percent of the capsule or pill gets absorbed. However, there is a better way to get your vitamins (other than eating more fruits and vegetables). That comes in liquid form.  Liquid vitamin supplements are more effective than the other multis you get at the store for four important reasons.


1) Better Absorption – It’s liquid and doesn’t get digested like food or pills do.  When it comes to absorption you want to have as much as you can to gain the most benefit.  The benefits of the vitamins and minerals are also almost instant and not time released like pills are much of the time.  It is important to note also that liquid is better to settle in the stomach and does not cause irritation.

2) Easier to Take – People have a hard time taking pills or capsules. There is nothing wrong with that, it just happens. Some individuals’ gag reflexes are a lot more sensitive than others.  Some pills are just too big.  Individuals with esophogeal problems should not be taking pills or capsules. Either way you look at it, pills are hard to swallow in one fashion or another.  We remember as kids wanting to avoid taking painkillers because that’s how they came.

3) Mixable – You can’t mix pills and capsules into other nutritional drinks. In fact it’s almost impossible especially if you blend it or grind it.  Liquid mixes with anything from protein shakes to natural energy drinks – and everything in between.

4) You Don’t Need A Lot – A lot goes a long way.  Pharmaceutical grade ingredients found in liquid vitamins and minerals go far with just a few drops.  That’s all that’s needed and it even better, that saves you money along the way.


A Multifaceted Look at Liquid Vitamins and Minerals

Today, there are several multivitamins and minerals you can get in liquid form:

  • Liquid Health Complete – Liquid health complete multivitamins allow anyone to benefit from a full daily balance of vitamins and minerals. There is nothing more important than people getting adequate vitamins and minerals to ensure that they live an active, healthy lifestyle.
  • Liquid Multivitamins for Children – Children don’t get much in the way of vitamins each day because they are on a restricted diet many times or they just simply don’t eat foods with vitamins and minerals like fruits and veggies.  Children especially require vitamins and minerals to sustain a healthy and active lifestyle. It’s also good for them to build on a healthy lifestyle.
  • Multivitamin for Women – Every woman’s body is different and requires something unique based on their needs. Health needs for women can vary based on fertility, weight, height, and normal daily need.  All of these are covered in liquid form and can be taken on their schedule.


Many people have issues with taking multivitamins of any kind because they don’t know exactly how “healthy” it is or if there are any side effects. While this is a valid concern, there is nothing to be worried about in regards to liquid vitamin supplements because they are all natural products that are pharmaceutical grade. It doesn’t get any healthier than that. It’s a proven fact that we don’t get our daily amount of vitamins and minerals. Our diets and the activity of our day often don’t dictate our healthy choices in food.

The implementation of liquid nutritional supplements into our daily routine will be helpful in helping us maintain a healthy lifestyle and start on a path to a healthy future. We may not realize it now but we do benefit from having proper nutrition. Even if we are eating healthily you can still take nutritional supplements to complement your diet. It doesn’t matter where are in life, we can all benefit from it.


Author Bio:

John Hunter is a former weightlifter and football player. He has taken liquid vitamin and nutritional supplements since his days as an athlete and notices a major difference in his life from more mental acuity to being more active.