Man Attempts 725 Pounds (lbs.) World Record Bench Press (Video)

Watch as 20 year old Angelo Samarripa attempts to break the unassisted bench press world record at the Aloha Festival in this past Saturday.

As a point of reference, an average Harley Davidson motorcycle weighs roughly 600 pounds. Samarripa would need to bench press over 722 pounds to accomplish the feat.

That’s heavy, and if Samarripa could lift it, it would be one for the books…well, not really, considering the lift was not taking place at an officially sanctioned event.

“I train two times a day, six days a week and I also wrestle on four days a week.” said Samarripa, who claimed 720 pounds to be his heaviest lift to date. “It’s more of a mental game more than anything. Yes, it’s a lot of weight…your minds telling you that’s too much weight…but you have to block it out the best you can.”

In true wrestling showmanship it was quite a spectacle. After a few minutes of hype, Samarripa emerged shirtless wearing black and read face paint and received some words from Afa Anoa’i before setting out to lift the grueling amount of weight.

Watch the above video to see if Angelo “The Beast” Samarripa can defy gravity and best the 722 pound unassisted bench press world record

via Orlando Sentinel