Man Loses 200+ lbs By Hitting The Gym, Is Refused Surgery To Remove His Excess Skin Because He Is ‘Too Fit’



A man once dubbed ‘Britain’s fattest teenager’ before he lost over 235lbs has claimed the NHS won’t remove his excess skin because he is ‘too fit’. Jacob Horner weighed close to 400lbs at the age of 16 before he hit the gym and ditched his junk food diet to turn the flab into muscle. The 20-year-old says he has been denied the surgery to remove his excess skin three times because his muscular frame means he is still classified as overweight. ‘Because of my fitness regime I still have a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 25, the limit for what’s considered ‘healthy’, because of muscle weight,’ he said.



‘I’m being penalised now because I’m too fit, so I’ve had to start shedding muscle weight now to get the operation.


‘It’s wreaked havoc on my confidence, I should be enjoying my weight loss but instead I feel paranoid about the excess skin I still have.’

Picture shows Jacob Horner aged 19 showing his loose skin after his drastic weight loss. Jacob 20 from Doncaster who has lost a whopping 17 stone. See Ross Parry copy RPYFAT : A teen who transformed himself from one of Britain’s most overweight to a fitness fanatic says the NHS won’t pay for excess skin removal. Jacob Horner, now 20, from Doncaster, South Yorks., weighed 28 stone aged just 16, and underwent a four year battle shedding a life-changing 17 stone after his ribs were “aching” from his weight. Since shedding the pounds, Jacob has been denied the surgery three times because his recorded BMI still lists him as obese due to a heavy muscle weight. He said: “I’ve been to the doctors three times to apply for the operation, each time having lost yet another stone. Because of my fitness regime I still have a BMI over 25, the limit for what’s considered ‘healthy’, because of muscle weight. Tom Maddick /
Jacob Horner claims the NHS has refused him an operation to remove his excess skin (Picture: Ross Parry)

Mr Horner said he put on weight during his teenage years due to his diet of takeaways and five years sat in his room playing on the Xbox.

The Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said there is funding available to pay for surgery following extreme weight loss and advised Mr Horner to see his GP.




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