Man Pays $7,000 To Get Abs By Surgery

Lee Coupland, from Leeds, was going to the gym seven times a week in a bid for sculpted abs, but he took his body obsession one step further with a painful op called abdominal etching.

The procedure sucks the fat from between the stomach muscles to create perfect definition.

The 31-year-old from Leeds, who runs a joinery business, went under the knife to have abdominal etching giving him a six pack for life. He said: “I think more and more people will think it’s an option for them and it will become as common as boob jobs and nose jobs for women.” He’s certainly not the only British man willing to have cosmetic surgery to get the body he wants.

In fact the hospital Lee visited in Istanbul has seen seven British men in the last six months. But far from being the solution for lazy overweight men, you have to be in good shape to have the procedure and men with more than two centimetres of fat are not normally eligible. The procedure Lee had at the end of October was called abdominal etching and set the dad-of-two back £3,500.

He began by having the little fat he had melted down by ultrasound and strategically drained to emphasise his muscles.Lee said: “In that procedure the surgeon got me to tense up and actually feel where my grooves are so they could draw on my natural lines. “The second part of the procedure is laser lipo which is where they create a thick scar line in the groove I can actually feel a hard line where the shape of the abdominals are.”

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