Matthias Schlitte Has Superhuman Strength, But In Only One Arm (Video)


World Arm Wrestling Champion Matthias Schittle was born with a rare condition that gave him superhuman strength in one arm. The 27-year old German’s right arm is twice as big as his left, with his forearm measuring almost 46cm. During an appearance on the ‘Today’ show he was challenged to an arm wrestle by host Karl Stefanovic. Despite Karl’s using all his strength, he is defeated and goes on to ask the rest of the ‘Today’ crew to help him out. Mr Schittle has now claimed eight German national championships and 14 international championships.

WHEN people think of superhuman strength, they tend to think of it coming to both arms. Not for German Matthias Schlitte, who was born with a gigantic superhuman arm.The arm, measuring almost 46cm around the forearm, is luckily used for good. Mr Schlitte has built a career around his super strong limb — professional arm-wrestling. It all began when he was 16 and wandered into a small bar hosting an arm-wrestling tournament.

After taking down every other contestant, he realised that he was pretty good at wrestling — when it was one-armed. For over a decade Mr Schlitte has traversed the planet “pulling” against the world’s best, claiming eight German championships and 14 international championships. He’s even beaten a specially designed arm wrestling robot, proving he’s here to stop artificial intelligence being a threat to the human race. For now, Mr Schlitte is happy competing internationally and travelling the world — but we know where to find him if robots really do try to take over.

via Daily Mail