Meet Arlindo De Souza: The Man With 29 Inch Biceps By Injecting Himself With Alcohol and Oil (Video)



Bodybuilders down in Brazil are risking life and death by injecting themselves with a potentially lethal cocktail of oil and alcohol to pump up their muscles. Meet Arlindo de Souza has grown 29in biceps – the biggest in Brazil – after injecting the filler into his body, where it causes appearance of having massive biceps.

He’s just like Popeye, only without the strength. Arlindo de Souza, a 43-year-old weightlifter, believes he’s grown the largest arms in his native Brazil. The bodybuilder’s  biceps measure a staggering 29 inches around and are the product of a self-administered cocktail of mineral oil and alcohol.




But while his biceps may look the part, they don’t act it. The bricklayer hasn’t gained any strength and is only able to lift normal weights. De Souza injected himself with the mixture for two months two years ago in his attempt to become the top dog at his gym in Olinda, a city on the country’s northeastern coast.

The Brazilian isn’t the only person resorting to using synthetic materials to bulk up his bod, as many others in the bodybuilding community are said to be doing the same. Doctors claim that the frequent injections play havoc with muscle tissue and can result in the formation of multiple abscesses which can lead to amputation or death.

Just in de Souza’s inner circle, the practice has proven deadly, claiming the life of the bodybuilder’s close friend, Paulinho.




via New York Post