Meet The Real-Life Popeye and His 31 Inch Biceps o_0


I cant believe Guinness gave him the title. This is so clearly synthol! Im shocked its even a story. A simple Google search of synthol & bodybuilding will turn up dozens of pictured of guys that look exactly like him. Some are even bigger! He has no definition, the muscles droop, & his forearms are sticks. It is impossible to build biceps without working the forearms. At the current size of his forearms he would literally snap the forearm bone in two if he were lifting the kind of weight needed to build those biceps naturally. Again its just physically impossible to have massive biceps without some level of forearm development. This guy is a joke & Guinness needs to reconsider.

Meet Moustafa Ismail. He’s originally from Egypt and now lives in Massachusetts. And he has massive biceps. Seriously, you might think you’ve seen massive biceps before – and you probably have! – but you haven’t seen ones like this. How are we so sure? Don’t ask us, ask the Guinness World Records: they recently deemed Ismail (a.k.a. The Human Popeye – although that nickname doesn’t really make sense since wasn’t Popeye… human? Oh well, let’s just go with it) the owner of the world’s largest biceps.

Ismail reminds me of myself, in that we both have beards. He does not remind me of myself, in that he has 31-inch biceps. I do not. And I have to say, after seeing what 31-inch biceps look like: I’m pretty happy I don’t. They sort of just look like they’re… hanging there, like dangling skin. Not sure I could meet the 3,000-grams-of-protein-a-day requirement, either.

But that’s just me talking, and hey – not my biceps, not really my place to judge. We’re curious, though: what do you think of the world’s largest biceps? Is Ismail’s plan to look better misguided, or does it work for him? Whether you’re impressed, freaked out, or anything in between, let us know.






via Daily Mail UK