Middle School Coach Takes Team To Hooters, Than Gets Fired (Video)

This football season will be the last for an Oregon middle school coach determined to hold a team victory bash at Hooters, the restaurant best known for its scantily clad waitresses, a school official said last week.

Randy Burbach, who concluded a successful season at Corbett Middle School near Portland, will not be invited back to coach next year after he refused to change his team’s victory party location despite complaints from parents, the school district’s athletic director said.

Once the story gained national attention, Hooters of America offered to pick up the tab for the party. The company issued a statement on Tuesday:

“The Corbett Middle School football players, coaches and their families have earned the right to celebrate a successful, hard-fought season. This Saturday, Nov. 9, Hooters is picking up the tab for an awesome end-of-season football party to honor the team’s gridiron success. To top it all off, Hooters will donate $1,000 along with 20 percent of Saturday’s Jantzen Beach location sales to the Corbett Booster Club so that the entire community can join in celebrating the team’s winning season,” that statement said.


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Coach Randall Burbach was an unpaid volunteer who says he wasn’t really planning on coaching next season anyway. The school booster club gets some much-needed cash. And kids get to see breasts. Everybody wins.

Michelle Rolens, the mother of one of the players and the co-president of Corbett youth football, said she was OK with her son going to Hooters for the unofficial trip.

“I feel like this has gotten totally blown out of proportion,” she said on Tuesday. “I hope that if anything I’ve taught my kids that I’m a very strong woman. I’m the primary breadwinner in my house, and I don’t find it offensive to go to Hooters and see a little skin.”


via NBC News