MMA Fighter Sheds 70lbs After Getting Divorced And Losing Custody Of His Kids


Keith Rocheville, 40, of St Louis when through a difficult divorce two years ago that left him without contact with his children and without a job.

According to the “Daily Mail” reported Keith rocheville (Keith Rocheville) two years ago his wife divorced him and lost custody of his child. With theĀ help of his friends, he adjusted his diet, lost about 70 pounds (about 32 kilograms), andĀ started MMA training.

Two and a half years ago, St Louis resident Keith Rocheville was struggling in a failing marriage when he began to fall behind on child support for his two teenage sons by his ex-wife. Soon, Keith, a house builder, found himself in a world of trouble.

In total, Keith lost 73lbs, going from 220lbs to 147lbs in time to make the featherweight class of MMA fighting

‘I ended up coming back to St. Louis and I stayed with some people I had met,’ he says. ‘That’s when I started to train. I ran in the mornings and I ran at night. I would do push-ups and just body weight exercises at home twice a day, at least once at worst.’Only a small amount of all this because I wasn’t very strong. I would take a day off when I felt wore down.’ The real turning point was learning to live with his new hosts, who were very health conscious and suffered from celiac disease. ‘They don’t eat wheat products, rye, barley. Gluten-free. I thought it was obnoxious at first, having to worry about what I ate was never a problem, I liked to cook and I ate healthy, just too much,’ Keith explains.


‘But I was staying with them and doing what little work they were getting in exchange for a roof and food and eventually training me.’ Adopting their diet turned out to be a perfect fit for Keith. He built muscle, but also dropped weight as he alternated training with feasting on organic eggs, vegetables, nuts and lean meats. He began drinking lactose-free milk, plenty of coffee and now swears by a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon – ‘the real stuff’ – and hashbrowns with a glass of orange juice. All in all he says he doesn’t need to be particularly careful these days, but adds that he also practices portion control. ‘I don’t eat more than what seems reasonable amount,’ he says. Things are slightly different, however, in the days coming up to a fight.
As he got into working out, Keith became interested in boxing and began training with some men who were attempting to become ‘amateur wrestlers like WWE style’. Eventually he was approached about a mixed martial arts bout by a man who runs the Cage of Champions tournament in Jefferson City. He jumped at the chance.

via Daily Mail