Mob Attacks Man Not Knowing He Is A Professional Boxer (Video)

An Irishman walked into a shop and opened the fridge door. A bunch of bottled waters fell out and the locals were not amused. So the owner of the shop in Istanbul’s Aksaray district went over and hit him with a stick. That was a mistake. Big mistake. He’s a professional boxer and doesn’t take kindly to being attacked in this way, according to Today’s Zaman. A large group of neighbouring shopkeepers came to the aid of the man with the stick, each trying to have a go at the Irishman.
He retreated to his hotel at one point before going back into the ever-growing crowd. Eventually they realised they weren’t going to win and they all went off to nurse their wounds.

Video Translation:

I am Irish today 🙂 Merchants are attacking an Irish Tourist who knocked out water bottles by accident, which appears to be stock in the fridge by an idiot. The shopkeepers in the area, gang up against him and they attack him like jackals. With fists and kicks, with batons and chairs. But they cannot beat the brave Irish who happens to be a boxer. A divine match to demonstrate that. CROWDS ARE COWARDS. Here, it is proven perfectly one more time. I do not trust humanity, since I am too lynched by crowds, numerous times.

via Metro