MP45 Product Review – The Best Gym Workout Plan


If you’re like most people, you probably grow frustrated with your gym schedule and workout plan. You’re likely busy with school or work and want to spend more time with your friends and family. Going to the gym doesn’t have to be so stressful. It’s apparent that most people can’t afford personal trainers in the gym. So what’s your other option? You can play guesswork or follow a proven gym plan that is perfect for workout beginners or even the most advanced athletes.

MP45 is a 45 day gym workout program and meal plan guide created by Jaret Grossman, co-founder of the popular fitness brand Muscle Prodigy. He’s a Certified Personal Trainer and former top collegiate athlete. This man knows his stuff.

The program focuses on a gradual progressive approach with your gym training so you won’t feel overwhelmed during the beginning stages of the program. You start off doing beginner gym workouts through tiny adjustments in your routine. As the program progresses, you will start doing more advanced exercises to pack on muscle and burn fat at a much faster rate. You need to train your body to adapt to this more advanced level of fitness, which is why MP45 trains you throughout the entire process.

Most gym workout programs fail because they don’t continue pushing you to a new fitness level. These types of ineffective programs keep the same level of intensity and workouts from start to finish. This is when your body adapts and you won’t really see any more results. However, MP45 will build you up slowly and constantly change around the routines so you can become a much better athlete and someone who can get in incredible shape very quickly. The gym schedule listed in MP45 gives you specific weightlifting exercises and cardio workouts for muscle building and weight loss. You’ll get jacked by building a lot more muscle on your body. You’ll also get ripped since the program will torch the fat off your body. These top rated training routines are exactly what you need in the gym.

The meal plan is very simple to follow. It’s a very easy diet that shows you how to stay healthy on a budget. You even get specific days to eat cheat meals. You can enjoy the pleasures of food without having to worry about eating healthy all the time. MP45 focuses on eating healthy most of the time so you can still enjoy your favorite foods and discipline yourself to work toward your cheat meal. An occasional indulgence with your favorite foods like pizza or ice cream can actually help your cause. Cheat meals not only have psychological benefits but also will help better your physique. They can speed up your metabolism and give you a much necessary jolt of energy. However, it comes with the right type of discipline. MP45 breaks all this down for you in an easy to follow guide that is perfect for both men and women. The program really emphasizes the importance of a diet, especially if you want six pack abs. You can’t just do endless amounts of situps and crunches and expect to see your abs. It’s all about the proper dieting. You can only build up your ab muscles through doing ab workouts. The only way to burn the layer of fat covering your abs is through diet. When you do MP45, you will know the foods to stay away from so you won’t keep the excess belly fat. You’ll also add the proper core exercises that actually give you ab muscle to make them protrude from the skin so you can see them better.

You can find tons of success stories on the MP45 website. You can also see that top celebrities like Ronnie Coleman, Devin McCourty, Mariza Prince, Michael Ray Garvin, and Jen Selter endorse MP45 because it works. This is truly a top rated gym fitness program for a reason.

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