MP45 Workout Program Product Review

MP45 Workout Program – Product Review

MP45 is one of the hottest and most popular fitness programs out there. Created by Jaret Grossman, a certified personal trainer, world-renowned motivational speaker, college All-American wrestler and co-founder of Muscle Prodigy, MP45 focuses on a type of training known as H.I.S.T. High Intensity Stimulation Training is a cross between the training of powerlifters and the training of elite athletes, specifically sprinters, due to their incredible physiques. Powerlifters train and can get stronger every single week. Powerlifters have a ton of muscle but their type of training isn’t conducive to getting lean and more ripped. Since they train with lower rep ranges and heavier weights, they are more likely to put on muscular bulk. Nevertheless, they are stronger than any type of athlete because of this training. On the other hand, elite athletes, specifically sprinters, have the most ripped, muscular bodies. Their diet is more favorable to getting lean and their training consists of more intense and longer workout sessions. MP45 actually takes the training of powerlifters (in terms of getting stronger) and the training of elite athlete (in terms of getting that perfect physique) and combines it all into one type of training. You will build incredible strength and power while simultaneously burning fat and building lean muscle.

As you can see with the picture below, powerlifter Andy Bolton is deadlifting 1,000 pounds. Powerlifters have insane feats of strength that is unmatched by other types of athletes.


Andy Bolton


The picture below shows sprinter Harry Aikines-Aryeetey. He has one of the best physiques from a muscular and symmetrical standpoint.


Harry Aikines-Aryeetey


Now imagine if Bolton and Aikines-Aryeetey were one person with that combination of size, strength and muscular symmetry. That’s exactly the type of training that MP45 focuses on.

In addition to the training, MP45 also details a full nutritional regimen to follow. The basis of the nutrition focuses on healthy eating every 2-3 hours to prevent your body from going catabolic and also to increase your metabolism.  You eat smaller but more frequent meals that include lean protein, low glycemic carbohydrates and healthy unsaturated fats.

With MP45, you get a 45 day gradual progressive approach that will get you stronger, more muscular and less body fat all in just 6 weeks. You get a full step-by-step guide that details every workout, set, reps, rest periods, meals to eat and when to eat them all in the convenience of one, easy to follow plan. It’s that simple and the results are incredible.

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