Muscle Building High Protein Foods

Muscle Building High Protein Foods


As we know, protein is essential for bodybuilders because it is the key element that builds the muscles. But unfortunately, due to advertisement and lots of promotional campaigns by the health supplement manufacturers, the new bodybuilders are impressed and quickly adopt the health supplements and forgot the basic diet that suits their exercise and depends on artificial supplements! Keep in mind that – health supplements is NOT an alternative of the regular diet, neither essentially all of them are safe for your health!

But as mentioned earlier, due to continuous muscle torn and rebuilding process, protein is MUST, and the most preferable way of adding protein in your body is – add protein through your meal. However, before we take a closer look of the high protein foods, keep in mind that – you need not to consume all of them at once! They just need to consume throughout the week in a balanced way! Otherwise excessive protein consumption can create other problems! However, here is a brief list of high protein foods that you must need after your workouts –

Whey Protein – it is a form of protein commonly available in different forms. The most common form is – powder. It is extracted from milk, it is low fat and low carbohydrate protein content that very quickly absorbed by your body and gives you the complete results. Whey protein is completely natural and organic. In fact it is a by-product of cheese production. The most amazing factor about whey protein is – it is anti- inflammatory and help you to prevent cancer! It is a great source of essential amino acids and reduces the risk of cancer, heart problems, diabetes and many other health issues. This is not enough! It also comes with anti-oxidants that help you to fight against free radicals.

Beef another great resource of protein that usually found in your kitchen, not only that, It is a low cost yet very good source of protein. Red meat suggested as a king of all proteins, and having beef in different forms like – steak or any other healthy form is always most preferred by the bodybuilders. But keep in mind that, red meat also responsible for – high blood pressure, cholesterol and other health issues. That is why, it is recommended that – if you eat more red meat, you’ve to work hard to break the protein and extract the amino acids from it!

Chicken – the most cost effective protein sources available in the world! Lean meat that doesn’t have any fat! Practically, there are lots of ways to prepare it – grill it, fry it, bake it and enjoy!

Eggs – Finally, the quickest way to add some solid protein in your body! But keep in mind that – while you eat eggs, always eliminate egg yolks from it. They’re full of cholesterol. Except that – the white part of the egg is an excellent source of protein. Usually an egg contains more or less 6 grams of proteins, so, if you eat 2 eggs per day (without yolks), 12 grams of protein you add in your body!

Last but not the least, keep in mind that, right amount of carbohydrate also essential for you, so, don’t forget to eat some carbohydrate like – bread, pasta or rice along with vegetables and proteins.