Muscle Building – Kettlebell Exercises for Men


When it comes to physical fitness, there many different exercises that are perfect for men who want to build lean muscle mass, endurance, and overall strength. Kettlebell exercises have become very popular in recent years, as they are very effective and will provide a great aerobic endurance session. They are also compact and take up less space than dumbbells, making them convenient too.

Before you take on your first kettlebell exercise, always make sure that you are familiar with the moves, and how to properly handle a kettlebell. It is recommended that you work with a professional trainer for a few sessions to get a good feel of what you should do to avoid injury. You can watch instructional videos to give you a good overview of what movements to make and how to properly warm up.  

  • Start with a light weight. Don’t try to use the heaviest kettlebell available, but rather start with a smaller weight of around 15 to 25 pounds twice a week and move up from there. You will gain strength and flexibility over time and you can increase your weekly workouts and use a heavier weight as your fitness level progresses.
  • Always remember to warm up and stretch. This is true for any workout session you attempt as it will reduce your chances of injuring yourself. Make sure that you are properly prepared before you do your first kettlebell workout. You can take a brisk walk, do a 10 minute session on an exercise bike, and complete stretching exercises to ensure you are properly warmed up.
  • Swing your way into shape. If you want to build your quads and glutes, place one kettlebell between your feet, while standing with your feet hip-width apart. Make sure that your abs are pulled in and lower your body while exhaling. Use one arm to pick up the kettlebell while holding it parallel to the floor, and make sure not to swing or jerk your arm out of position.
  • Push-ups for fitness. This variation of a normal push-up will challenge you and increase your fitness level as you learn how to master it. Grasp the handles of the kettlebells while in a push-up position. Make sure that your back is straight and that you inhale while you lower your body. As you exhale, press up and continue the movements like regular push-ups.
  • Shoulder fitness with kettlebells. Kettlebells hold a lot of fitness potential for your shoulders. For a great workout, hold the kettlebell in your hand above your shoulder, while standing with your feet shoulder width apart. Keep your forearm vertical and pressed just inside your hip. Press the kettlebell upwards while exhaling, while keeping your wrist straight. Slowly lower your arm while inhaling, and repeat with the opposite arm.

Kettlebell workouts can be customized for every individual, depending on their fitness goals. These workouts are ideal for weight loss, strength building, and aerobic endurance. Kettlebells provide a challenging workout that men can incorporate into their existing weight training routine to ensure that they get the additional strength building benefits that these exercises have to offer.


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