Natural Cellulite Treatment Methods You Can Try At Home


Instead of splurging on expensive wraps and scrubs, there are natural cellulite treatment ideas that you can try at home. Cellulite is a problem that is more common in women as our muscle structure is different from males. However, there are some men who develop this problem too. It is a post-pubertal condition, which means that it can appear right after your first menstrual period or later in life.

Cellulite appears in slender and overweight women. It was once believed to be caused by toxins. This is actually the fat layer seeping out of areas where there is weak underlying musculature. In general, women have thinner skin than men. This makes it harder for the skin to support the weight of the fat in an even manner. While expensive treatments may reduce the amount of cellulite, these wear off eventually. This is why it would be best to save your money and invest in natural cellulite treatment recipes that you can make at home.


Shea Butter, Salt and Coffee Scrub

You will need half a cup of coffee grounds, half a cup of salt and a cup of shea butter. Mix the ingredients thoroughly in a bowl. Start by taking a nice warm bath to open up your pores. Rub a generous amount of the concoction in areas that appear to have cellulite. You may leave it on for 15 minutes for the caffeine to absorb evenly. Do this at least twice a week for optimal results.


Lemon, Green Tea Scrub

Prepare half a cup of lemon, half a cup of green tea and one cup of sugar. Mix the green tea and lemon in a bowl. Apply on areas with cellulite. Rub some of the sugar onto the area in circular motions. You will feel a tingling sensation in 3 to 5 minutes. Leave on for about 20 minutes.


Sea Salt and Vitamin E

Vitamin E is proven to be good for the skin. Use it topically for temporary cellulite reduction. Purchase 5 vitamin E gel capsules for each problem area. You may choose to buy 6 or 7 for larger areas like the stomach. Mix 2 teaspoons of sea salt to the contents of 5 gel capsules. Rub on the problem area in slow circular motions. This can be done every other day as it contains no caffeine.


Clay and Coffee Firming Mask

You can purchase a clay firming mask at your nearest beauty store. Mix the contents thoroughly with a cup of coffee grounds. Apply to the area of concern and leave it on as directed. You will notice a nice tightening effect that will last for hours.

Cellulite can be temporarily controlled with the help of low-cost ingredients that you can buy at most grocery stores or pharmacies. These scrubs will help mask the orange peel effect almost as well as expensive body creams. Remember to avoid putting caffeine-based products on areas with varicose veins. Moreover, if you are caffeine sensitive, avoid natural cellulite treatment methods that contain caffeine.

The last remedy is with Bellabaci cups. These small cups use the same technique as that of “Chinese Cupping” where the cups are used over the body to massage the skin and provide a light suction. Over time this method has proven to help with that ugly cellulite looking skin and can also be good for other treatments.



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