New Year Fast Track! Get Back to the Gym!

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year! The 2013 year has arrived and you know what else? Gym based resolutions! Which means, for all of you hard workers that stayed loyal to the program & goals of previously made reso’s, you now have to deal with Gym Noobs!

For those of you that were on vacation, the holidays may have taken advantage! The food, the drinking (alcohol equals empty calories and sugar), the late nights with no rest to recover properly will take its toll on your goals. Well here is a quick way to help amplify you back on track. In other words, New Year Weight Loss Tips!

This is my “New Year Fast Track” program. Every year, I tell people of these 4 things that they can do in tandem with prior goals or to interchange as they see fit.

You have to fight fat, with fat! To do this at a higher rate than fish oils and flaxseed oil, you will need something stronger. That something is named “Tonalin CLA.” This product comes in many forms and may be hidden in many proteins and fat burners already. The combo may be great but to see how dope it is on its own, take it as a standalone product. My recommendation is to find a product that have 1g or 1000 mg (1g is 1000 mg) of it per softgel. Take this 1 or 2 times per day with lunch or/and dinner.

WHY? Tonalin CLA is good fat that removes the bad stored body fat from around the muscle. For men, it will remove by the pounds quickly and for women it does inches before pounds. At some point it will give you both pounds and inches, ultimately giving you both genders both sides of the spectrum.

The holidays might give your body a craving for sugars or may have reprogrammed your body to crave junk food. This is crucial for those sitting behind a desk for long hours and for those who do traveling jobs. The hand to mouth needs to be reprogrammed for a healthy choice to supply your goals. My ONE-TWO punch is in a form of a “candybar” like product and a RTD protein drink that you may already know of.

The ONE is called “Oh Yea” bars. Yes, I understand the name sounds dumb but when you bite into one, you will say “Oh Yea, this is good!” Like many of you, these damn bars are an acquired taste and some of them are just some cruel punishment. Well, these bars are like the Snickers of the supplement world.They have expanded their bar selection since I’ve last tried them but here are the ones I recommend; “Chocolate & Caramel” and the “Peanut Butter & Caramel.” Remember, buy a single one to see if its worth buying a box. Keep the box at your desk!

WHY? These “ISS Oh Yea” bars pack a heavy punch. There are 380 calories in a single bar that gives you 27g of protein. This also have some fat, carbs and sugar alcohol in it, but trust me, its a lot better than what you did to yourself over the holidays (vacationers) and what you’ve been doing prior to joining a gym for you noobs out there. End of the day, it can curb your appetite & help you not OVEREAT for lunch and dinner meals. Add in the protein count along with 4g of fiber, you are on your way.

The TWO is called Muscle Milk. I do not have to explain that. High cal, high protein and if its too much go for the Muscle Milk Lite. The one-two punch set up is so that you do not get tired/bored of eating/drinking the same protein for your first month of getting back into shape.

Some of you have fat burners that you take all the time! Depending on who you talk to, it is a good thing or a bad thing. My theory, if you can, spend money on a lower end fat burner to use on days that you are NOT working out.

Example: You buy the latest & greatest fat burner. It tells you to take on days on and days off. Yes, it will be done in a month if you up your count as instructed, however. What if you took vacation & you have certain days to get into the gym? So instead of 3-5 times a week, you can only afford 1-3 times a week to hit the gym. Problem? You still need the energy! If you get a lower tier product, you can have your latest & greatest fat burner only for the days you need to work out.

What would I recommend for a lower tier product? It is hard to say but I will give you a base. The original GNC Burn 60 is a product that I’ve known for years to help people of all levels of fitness. For some entry level people, this is strong but not as strong as a product like Hydroxycut. The newest Burn 60 (I just checked it) seems to be improved but they’ve altered the dosage. If you took that product as a 1-pill serving versus the two as indicated, you will get something close to the original dosage.

Why? Those products have lower dosage of caffeine and often gives you sustained energy. This sustained energy also helps raise your metabolism of calories. The GNC Burn 60 is great in that regard as it also gives you Ginger, Grape Seed, Black Tea, & Dill weed herbal extracts that all have natural benefits to aid in losing weight. Need zero caffeine? Look for a product called “OXYDREN,” a bit pricier.

Yes, the dreaded multivitamin. Yes, I was a child. Yes, I hated every vitamin except the chewable flintstone kids (and the gummy ones that I discovered a few years back). It wasn’t until I started working in this industry that I realized how bad we are missing our nutrients. Now how much of it is too much? That is on you to decide but if you can find a time released formula, BOOM!

Now, be honest. Open up notepad or grab a pen and paper and write down everything you at in the last 24-hours of reading this article. I am always guilty of this too & will participate right now:
Drinking & typing: 16oz Fountain Soda (Cola)
Breakfast: 2 Eggs w/ broccoli, tomatoes, onions, bacon, mushrooms & green peppers
Last Snack before Bed & Drinks: Like 5 oreos & 2 cups of Sparkling Cider (Dont judge me)
Dinner: Big Cheeseburger w/ lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup & French fries.
Dinner: Bunch of fried finger foods, some rice & chicken wings and lots of SODA (Cola)
Brunch: Home Fries, Corned Beef hash, Western Omelette & OJ

Now, out of all of that above, do you think I got anything required of my DV (Daily Value) of calcium, vitamin C D E A, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and etc? Hell to the no! This is just 24-hours! This is why a multiple vitamin is essential!

Why? With so many out there it is hard to push one way or another. So I will give the top 5 things I look for in a multiple vitamin (MV).

#1 Dosage: I am not taking any MV more than once-a-day. I am okay with taking 2 pills as ONE dosage.

#2 B Vitamins: I generally like MV’s with a lot of B Vitamins in it. 50mg – 150mg. This helps give me early morning energy and helps metabolise CARBS! Also, B vitamins have so many more positive effects on the body. NOTE: Not all vitamins tell it to you on the front. A good rule of thumb is to look at the label and look for B12 & B6, whatever number they have in mg will be the same for the rest of the B vitamins.

#3 Antioxidants: Often this is a “superfood” blend. These fight the aging of cells. *drops mic*

#4 Time release: I start my day early and I don’t drink coffee. Vitamins that feed through a period of 6 hours or more are great. I prefer 8-10. Vitamins provide energy for the body and brain.

#5 Calcium + Vitamin D combo: There are many forms of Vitamin D & Calcium. For Vitamin D, I look for D-3 and “Calcium Carbonate” for my Calcium. These are the best to help your body absorb those nutrients.

During my time inside the industry, I’ve seen many people be on their way with the above mentioned recommendations. Sometimes a brand name of a product may be switched out but the base is what stays the same. Again, you are always welcome to swap out, add & try new things. Any questions, drop a line below!

Happy Training! Happy New Year!