Nicholas Hoyer’s Fitness Journey


My name is Nicholas Hoyer, and like the majority of adults these days, I was obese. But not only was I obese, I was morbidly obese standing 6’2″ 425 lbs. Ever since I was a child, I was an emotional eater and loved food to the point of it being an ailment for me. At 17 years old and graduating high school I weighed 235 lbs and rapidly grew immediately following high school and into college where by the age of 26 I had hit 425 lbs.

I was always unhappy, always wanted to lose weight, always depressed, yet still always eating to try and make myself feel better. My clothing sizes got bigger and bigger as I got lazier and lazier. I remember not being able to sit in a booth at a restaurant for the first time becasue i was too big. I was so embarrassed and the one thing i did to fix that, ironically was eat more.

On June 30th 2005 Avery Isabel Hoyer was born. My first child, my now everything. She made me look at the world from a different perspective, Cliche maybe, but I wanted to be around as long as possible and be a good father, and be the “cool” dad. I also wanted to be able to play sports with her, and play and have fun liked I had growing up with my dad.


Another cliche, but it took me until the end of that year to fully commit myself to changing my life. I went to the gym, January 1st 2006 and was another one of those resolutioners. But I was the one who NEVER GAVE UP. That’s a big reason for my tattoo of “NEVER GIVE UP”. Even when the odds are stacked against you, you can make it. I went through friends who said I could never do it, and even doubted myself at times, but I came out the other end and have turned health and fitness into a life long journey.

I’ve worked hard every day towards my goal of living a healthy lifestyle since January 1st 2006, and make sure every day counts for me, and my family. Which now consists of a beautiful wife Lisa Hoyer who is also an athlete, my two girls Avery and Addison Hoyer, and 3 amazing step children Ciaran, Pearce and Trinity. I now weigh 190 lbs and holding steady and have maintained and i’m never going back to not fitting in a booth days of depression and anger. I not only lost weight, but have become an athlete and trainer myself. I’ve ran multiple marathons, half marathons, tough mudders, and played adult league basketball.


I have committed myself to now help others fight obesity and work towards a fit and healthy lifestyle. I know many people can relate to my story of being heavy and all the negativity that comes along with it. I am here to tell you that you can change, you can get healthy, you can lose the weight, you CAN BE HAPPY.

So in all now I’ve lost 235 lbs and have lost the sadness and depression and self doubt. All of that is lost. And found self respect, confidence, and have created a new me that can do all of those things I wanted to do and more.

IMG_20140814_082916 is my website in the making, and I’m looking to get into speaking and more events to spread the word of health and fitness. I know first hand what it is like to be on the brink, and at the bottom of a pit you thinking you’ll NEVER escape. But I’m working to make been there, done fat a common saying which will mean that the weight has been lost for whoever says those words.

Get help, set goals, reach goals, repeat.