Nico’s Story – The Inspirational One-Legged Soccer Star (Video)

NicoCalabria copy

Very inspiring video from Powerade about Nico Calabria’s story.


Born with just one leg, Calabria got his start in the sport at an early age. Despite the fact that the beautiful game revolves around the lower limbs, Nico played varsity soccer for his high school and scored a goal that became a viral highlight.

There was also the time when, at 13, he became the first person to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro on crutches, while raising more than $100,000 for charity in the process — but we’re here to talk about soccer.

Now Calabria is a member of the USA’s national amputee soccer team, and the subject of a mini-documentary (embedded above) that was produced by Powerade and was scheduled to show at the Kicking + Screening Soccer Film Festival in New York on Thursday night.

The film doubles as a branded Powerade spot, but it’s inspiring stuff nonetheless, and an amazing window into Calabria’s story.

Growing up in Indianapolis, Ind., and Concord, Mass., Calabria says it took years to realize that the active lifestyle he enjoyed as a kid — and excelled at — was anything out of the ordinary.

“I’ve always been part of a family that’s athletic, and had an older brother who was very athletic, so I was just trying fit it and didn’t think I was doing anything abnormal,” Calabria tells Mashable.

“But over the years I just kind of continually surprised myself with the level I was able to compete at.”


via Mashable