Nike+ FuelBand Makes Weight Watching Look Good

Nike  FuelBand Makes Watching Your Weight Healthy

For those of you who couldn’t get any more health conscious, this might change everything! Nike outs the FuelBand with a very attractive and functional design. The folks at ablogtoread gives us the low down.

The core of the Nike+FuelBand is the simplified gamification of living an active life. Think of the colored LEDs as if they were a status meter to your next level. That’s where the FuelBand succeeds. It doesn’t beg for your attention in any way but allows you to access and track your stats when and how you want,  even unlocking achievements over time for reaching certain goals. Since it does blend into your daily life, the FuelBand might just keep you using it and help in getting you moving. Those unsure if it’s a good fit for them might find the $150 USD price point a bit steep. I would imagine that the price will drop in the future as Nike sells more and potentially comes out with new versions but that probably won’t happen too soon given the current hype and limited availability. If you are looking for device which tracks your daily activity without the need to input information as you go along this might be for you. Watch-lovers will also appreciate that it isn’t as much of a watch replacement as many competing products are and can be worn at the same time. Nike didn’t reach too far with the FuelBand but did manage to put together a solid addition to their Nike+ line of products. It does exactly what you expect of it and should find its way onto many wrists.

Nike  FuelBand Makes Watching Your Weight Healthy 2Nike  FuelBand Makes Watching Your Weight Healthy 3