Non-Meat Protein Sources

Non Meat Protein


If you’re a vegetarian and want to build your muscles, or don’t want to consume animal protein more, don’t worry – still you can get build your muscles! There are lots of animal protein alternatives available. Being a bodybuilder it is essential for you to consume considerable amount of protein regularly. It is very much essential for building muscles. Proteins are the key element that breaks into our body and the amino acid from protein build and repair your muscles.

It is a very common question among bodybuilders is – how vegetable protein beneficial for them? Well, usually, the animal protein absorbed 1:1 ration, whereas, vegetable protein synthesis, nearly 50% of the protein used, Not only that, by use of different vegetables as protein resource, the protein chains remain complete and give you the complete benefit. Additionally, for human body and muscle building nine necessary proteins are essential, and in a single food you can’t get all nine proteins. That is why, vegetable protein can help you a lot, different vegetables contains all nine proteins in addition with other essential elements like – vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers that you must need for your overall immunity and digestive system. However, here is a list of most common vegetable source that can meet your protein needs –

Soy – soy or soybean is an excellent source of protein. For hundred years, it is being used as a food in different forms in various parts of Asia and subcontinents. There are various products are available using soy, like – soymilk, soy nugget and soy powder as a direct replacement of protein powder. It is really amazing protein content – a cup of soybean usually contains 29 grams of protein. Not only that it is calcium rich and keep your bone strong. Apart from this, it also helps you to control bad cholesterol like – LDL.

Lentils – it is another vegetable protein widely consumed worldwide. There are lots of different genres of lentils available, but more or less work similarly. It is one of the most inexpensive forms of vegetable protein that comes with lots of minerals. It can be used as stew or can be used in combination of animal proteins.

Red Kidney Beans – it is a popular variety of beans mostly available in Europe. There are numbers of delicious dishes available with it, not only that, canned or pre-processed red kidney beans also available in food stores and supermarkets. Apart from the red kidney beans, chickpeas, black beans, navy beans and other beans are amazing source of vegetable proteins and can be used along with animal proteins.


Apart from them, dairy products like – whole milk, raw cheese (including ricotta, goat and cottage cheese) and yogurt also very good source of protein. You can use raw and organic cheese in your sandwich, salad and other foods, likewise you can use yogurt in food or dressings or can eat as a side dish.