Norwegian Girl Performing Movements Most Guys Can’t Do (Video)

Suzanne Svanevik - the Norwegian Girl performing some awesome moves in the gym

I know plenty of guys that this girl Suzanne Svanevik would put to shame in the gym! At one point in the video she even dead lifts about 230lbs! Mind Blowing!!!

This was translated from Norwegian to English, so be mindful of the grammatical errors.

Tell us a bit about yourself Suzanne?
I’m Suzanne Svanevik in 17 years and comes from Bergen. I go to high school, but at the time I use most of the time in training, rather Crossfit. I’ve been doing for almost 2 years now. I have many goals with all the training, and for that I will manage the I must have focus. Otherwise, I usually treningsfri weekends and like to find things.

Suzanne Svanevik working out. A physically fit 17-year old Norwegian Girl.

What was it that made you start Crossfit?

It was my brother André Svanevik the owner of Crossfit Bergen who introduced me to Crossfit. He helped to start the first Crossfit gym in Bergen in 2010, and he has been my coach ever since.

What is Crossfit for you?

Crossfit means a lot to me, and I always put up everyday for when I train. I have new goals and new results constantly, and it makes me want to work on something new all the time. The training is hard, varying and totally different than a regular club, and then it’s fun.

Norwegian 17 year old Suzanne Svanevik likes to lift and to hard work at the gym guys!

How do you train at a typical training week?

Most often I work out twice a day 5-6 times a week where I have a strength session with just pure strength,
also I have a Crossfit session that provides breathing / pulse.
Strengthen sessions I focus really on squats, deadlifts, bench presses, shoulder presses and different variations of pull ups with and without weight.

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