Not Your Mother’s Fitness Program

Not Your Mother's Fitness Program


Gone are the days of regimented exercise programs churning out the same cookie-cutter routines day after day. Today’s fitness industry focuses on combining entertaining activities with a thorough and effective mode of exercise while continuously thinking out of the box. Society’s time-conscious environment has exercise enthusiasts seeking new ways to achieve optimal fitness goals while participating in a fun and exciting adventure. The thriving adventure-fitness industry is enjoying an enormous growth increase by offering a variety of specialized activities. Geared towards fitness with a flare, programs include everything from hour classes in aerial acrobatics to weekend adventure excursions.

Virtual Reality


· Global adventure in an instant:

For those seeking to “get away” without the expense and time of doing so, there is a huge market for virtual reality fitness. This advanced 3D software provides a virtual trip to your favorite places on the globe. Imagine mountain biking in an exotic part of the world or rock climbing in the Alps. These programs offer environments so realistic you can almost smell the fresh air. The applications provide an awesome alternative to fitness by producing complete physical and mental immersion of your favorite activity with no geographical limits.

Aerial Acrobatics

Aerial Acrobatics· Fitness classes with an edge

Aerial acrobatics classes are a new and exciting craze sweeping the fitness industry. Professional instructors provide a safety-conscious environment while teaching the art of suspension fitness. The adrenaline-fueled classes provide a strenuous core and upper body workout. With the use of ropes suspended from above, participants achieve an effective form of strength training while progressively learning an assortment of fun and thrilling aerial acrobatics. These courses provide a level of safety for all ages to participate.

Vacation Adventure Getaway

couple-on-adventure-vacation· The latest in adventure fitness:

The travel industry brings their contribution to the future of fitness with an assortment of adventure vacation packages. Participants customize the vacation they desire and can choose from an overnight excursion or an extended experience. Almost every region of the globe offers hiking, biking or walking tours through some of the world’s most stunning geography. You can choose a guided biking journey through awesome glaciers and mountains of Chile or a hiking trip in Japan. At the end of each day’s tour, participants immerse themselves in five-star dining and lodging where they can rest up for the next exotic adventure. While enjoying the benefits of a luxurious vacation, individuals incorporate fitness into the thrilling outdoor expeditions of their choosing.

Club Crawl


· Healthy alternative for a night out on the town:

Fitness centers offer exercise programs with a twist; referred to as “Club Crawl “programs, participants are provided luxurious group transportation to a predetermined list of local fitness centers. During each stop along the route, individuals participate in a specialized fitness activity i.e. thirty-minute spin class, aerobic session, Pilates.



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