Nutrisport 90+ Protein Product Review


The Taste

First things first, let’s start out with the taste (that’s something pretty important when it comes to food), the vanilla flavor is out of this world. Yes, the milk does lose its sweetness just a bit, but when you use it with water, it’s really good. In all honesty, I’m not exactly sure why so many people set out to diss Nutrisport 90+ Protein. Of course, it isn’t “amazing,” but it’s not extremely weak, like some of the Reflex Instant wheat flavors on the market, and it’s not horribly sweet, like Myofusion.


In a traditional shaker, with grill …that’s not that great of a scenario, but if you shake for a couple of minutes, most bits will unclump and mix pretty good. Varying the liquid amounts won’t make much of a difference. I took a normal protein grill and a pre-workout specific shaper and put them to the test – each time, I got the same results. I actually found that out of three flavors, chocolate, banana and vanilla, the vanilla seemed to mix up much better.

  • Mixability – 3/5


I admit, I was a bit on the skeptical side when it came to using this product because of the bad vibes on the flavors and how cheap the protein is supposed to be. Really, I haven’t been disappointed at all – the blend is one of the best on the market for this price – it’s a mix of Mcellar Casein and isolate. The low fat/low carb profile is another eye opener and looking at the overall protein percentage, I find that it is very good for a blend, in comparison to most blends currently on the market.

When I wake up, I have a shake sometimes, instead of the normal eggs with oats that I also like to have. If I’m still hungry when my preworkout comes around, I turn to the vanilla flavor (2 scoops postworkout with some carbs and a yummy prebed single shake in some evo and milk.

The entire time I have been using this, I haven’t changed my diet, I have the occasional mixups of preworkouts, but that’s all. I look and feel better and stronger during my workouts (this is the first thing I noticed). I feel that the protein is solid, and like I said before, I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular, but the fact that I have lost quite a bit of weight within the past 3 months, and yet I’ve kept my diet/training the same and yet look leaner around the stomach, face and legs, I’m impressed enough to make this my staple product.

Despite the bad reviews it gets when it comes to flavors, you cannot go wrong with vanilla – take it from me, don’t try anything else before you’ve tried the vanilla flavor. Ideally, go for the smaller tub in order to decide whether you like the flavor or not.