Obese Dog Goes On Diet and Starts Exercising, Loses Over 40 Pounds


Dennis the dachshund was fed White Castle hamburgers and pizzas until he reached roughly the weight of four or five dachshunds. In fact, his owner didn’t care too much about what Dennis ended up putting in his mouth and didn’t seem to notice when Dennis reached a whopping weight of 56-pounds.

A relative of his original owner eventually adopted Dennis, whose tiny legs were barely able to hold up his body when she met him. A vet said that Dennis was so obese, he would not have survived another month under his old, gluttonous lifestyle.


His new owner, a 27-year-old nursing student, placed Dennis under a strict exercise regime and he started a new diet of dry dog food only.

After losing an impressive 44 pounds, the dachshund is now at a healthy weight of 12 pounds and lives a much livelier lifestyle of squirrel chasing and other normal dog activities.

One jumbo pet who was fed White Castle burgers and junk food has become an internet sensation after losing over 75 percent of its body weight.

Dennis the Dachshund used to weigh a massive 56 pounds, about the size of four or five miniature dachshunds, according to AP. The dog couldn’t take a few steps before running out of breath.

But then Brooke Burton, a 26-year-old nursing student from Columbus, Ohio, rescued Dennis from a relative after seeing the condition he was in. Burton recounted the first time she ever saw the overweight pooch in January 2013.

“Out comes Dennis, and I couldn’t believe it,” Burton told AP. “I wasn’t even sure what breed of dog he was supposed to be because he was so large.”

Since then, Burton put Dennis on a diet of dry dog food, as well as plenty of walks and love. Now Dennis weighs 12 pounds, and is able to do play fetch and boss around the other rescue dogs he lives with.

“In the beginning, you could tell he was very depressed, that he really didn’t feel good at all,” Burton told AP. “He didn’t have much of a personality. After he lost weight, this bossy little demanding man popped out. He’s into everything, he wants to play with everybody.”

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