Overweight Dad Sheds Over 140lbs Eating Curry For Breakfast


An obese dad has lost more than 140lbs by eating curry every morning at 6am. Delivery driver Mike Snell invented his own unique diet which involves gorging on his favorite foods until 10am – but then eating nothing else all day.

The 38-year-old starts with a vindaloo to fire up his metabolism and then stuffs down anything else he fancies, which satisfies his cravings for the day. The newly-slim dad then burns off all the calories during the day and just has a light snack such as a bowl of soup in the evening.

And the bizarre diet seems to be working as he has shed a whopping 140lbs  in less than a year – dropping from a hefty 336lbs to 195lbs.


Mike Snell, 38, skipped the usual Atkins, Paleo or the Dukan plans. Instead, he had a red-hot curry for breakfast every morning and feasted on carb-loaded snacks — but only until 10am. The 38-year-old says traditional diets just didn’t work for him. The British delivery driver had ballooned to 152kg by snacking on cakes, whole packets of biscuits, burgers and bacon sandwiches as he worked.
But he managed to slim down to 88kg in just 11 months on his unconventional weightloss plan, Metro reported.

Mr Snell would wolf down a chicken vindaloo at 6am to “take away the cravings for the rest of the day”. He would eat anything he wanted until 10am, and then very little after that, with just a light snack such as soup for dinner. He decided it was time to change when a colleague commented on how breathless he became after hitching up his trailer.

But he couldn’t seem to stick to the typical diets and weightloss methods. He allowed himself any food he wanted, but only before 10am. “I decided I wanted to do a diet that would mean I could eat whatever I wanted,” he said. “I carried on eating the same things, so lots of carbs and sugars, until 10am.” Mr Snell did not do any extra exercise but kept his diet varied by adding different vegetables, such as broccoli or baby leaves, to his morning curry. He said he and his daughters were ecstatic with the results, but that his girlfriend preferred him with a little more meat. “She finds it weird, she says I’m not the same man,” he said. Nutritionists would not normally recommend a regime like the one Mr Snell embarked upon, bit it isn’t actually that different to the 5:2 diet. We would need to know his BMI, cholesterol levels and other vital statistics to see whether the diet was really healthy, but he’s certainly not obese any more.

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