Pageant Queen Talks About How Cruel Taunts Inspired Her To Drop 100 Pounds (Video)

Keli Kryfko

Keli Kryfko, 23, weighed more than 200lbs when she was at middle school (left) but now she is the current Miss South Texas titleholder after cruel taunts inspired her to lose weight (right). She told how cruel taunts from bullies inspired her to get fit. 

Weighing in at about 230 pounds in the eighth grade, Keli Kryfko remembers being labeled the ‘fat girl’ by her classmates. She used those taunts to motivate her weight loss and started cutting out fatty and fried foods. The pageant queen is now preparing for the Miss Texas beauty competition in July.


US pageant contestant Keli Kryfko has taken out a major US title after a life changing body transformation. Weighing in at about 109 kilos in Year 8, the now 23 year old remembers being labelled the ‘fat girl’ by her classmates. The Houston beauty says her transformation wasn’t the result of a fad diet or gym classes. Instead, she says, she used a bully’s taunts to stay motivated to make small changes to her lifestyle.

Kryfko remembers taking a test for PE class and failing all the requirements and that is when something clicked.

“I wasn’t able to do any of it and it was so embarrassing,” Kryfko said. “So I went back into the locker room hoping no one would notice and I overheard these girls saying, ‘Can you believe the fat girl couldn’t do any of it?’she told New York’s Daily News.

“And I realised, oh my gosh, they’re talking about me,” she continued. “I didn’t want that to be my definition. I’m much more than those names that people are calling me.”

The beauty queen took everything in small steps, first cutting out soft drink, targeted fatty foods and started to exercise.


“It was small, incremental changes,” Kryfko said. “That’s the most important thing, not fighting it.”

On her website, she says “I have lost over 100 pounds and now compete with the Miss America Organization. I have realised that my purpose on this planet is to pay it forward and with my passion for people along side my love of big hair and helping others find their self worth it has been an incredible journey.”


So far, she’s won Miss Allen, Miss Limestone County and Miss South Texas pageants, and is preparing for the Miss Texas beauty competition in July.

Her ultimate dream is to be crowned Miss America 2014.


via Courier Mail