Paying for Perfection: Cosmetic Surgery for Bodybuilders



In the world of bodybuilding, enthusiasts will do anything to gain a competitive edge. Some people have turned to steroids, shakes, powders and potions in addition to grueling training regimes to achieve the body they want. However, there are now a wide variety of cosmetic surgeries to help competitors attain the perfect physique.


Breast Reductions and Implants

In both men and women, excess mammary tissue can obscure the definition of the pectoral muscles in the chest. Most bodybuilders will lose as much weight as possible, but sometimes surgery is needed to remove excess flesh. Some female bodybuilders will get breast implants if their breasts become too small or disappear entirely, in order to remain feminine in appearance. Some men will also get pectoral implants to enhance their chest muscles.

Calf Implants

For some people it is very difficult to encourage the calf muscles to gain mass. All of the walking we do is done with only the weight of our bodies as resistance, so this can sometimes cause them to remain lean. Calf implants can help add in shape and mass, which brings on a more balanced look. Symmetry and balance is very important in bodybuilding, and a competitor who has an impressive chest and back but thin legs is considered unbalanced and may not be successful.


While vehemently denied by many bodybuilders, some do anonymously admit to using liposuction in problem areas such as the lower back and lower abdomen. With liposuction, fat cells are removed from problem areas by inserting a tube under the skin and sucking it out. This can be a great tool for those who have invested maximum effort and still have a few small fatty areas that will not disappear.

Glute (Buttock) Implants

Sometimes, all the working out in the world will not give bodybuilders the tight, high buttocks that are found so desirable by the judges. Buttock implants can help to create the illusion of the desired anatomy and give a competitor an edge. This type of cosmetic surgery is used by both male and female competitors and must be done by a very skilled surgeon to avoid a poor outcome. Buttock implants that are not properly positioned can look bizarre, move around, or cause pain while sitting down.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

While the face is one area that is not judged in body building, some competitors still feel that it gives them an edge to look as symmetrical and young as possible. Cheek and chin implants, liposuction, fillers, Botox, and even tooth implants are used to keep competitors looking youthful for the bright lights of the stage.

Hair Procedures

While not done under general anesthesia, hair procedures such as transplants and laser treatments are still serious medical operations with consequences. Because bodybuilding requires smooth skin, competitors of both genders may elect to have their legs and bikini lines permanently hairless by having a series of laser hair removal treatments. Men may also elect to do the same on their chest, back or buttocks. Men who are balding may also decide to have hair from the back of their head transplanted to the thinning areas.

Cosmetic surgery is very common among the general population, but bodybuilders really need to consider the pros and cons before having anything done. For those who are willing to pay for perfection, the cost may be more than justifiable.


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