Player Kicks Showboating Opponent During Women’s Futsal Match (Video)

Player kicks the rival’s neck. The incident happened in the state of Acre, Brazil, for the semifinals of Futsal Female Championship, this Tuesday (August 25, 2015)

The footage that you can see below shows the skillful player exhibiting her skills in a way that ones imagine might be intended to wind up her opponent.

It’s all fair and legal, as well as entertaining, and there’s no way that the player, whose name we do not know, was expecting to be attacked in such a violent way.

In the moments before she is attacked, she is fouled and lies on the ground with a rueful smile on her face. Not only was the attack violent, it was completely unexpected.

We can only hope that the strictest punishment is handed out to the perpetrator for such a cowardly and pathetic act. See the incident in the video below.

via 101 Great Goals