Politician With Pec Implants Participates In Bizarre Fixed Boxing Fight (Video)

Jorge Kahwagi defeated fellow Mexican fighter Ramon Olivas in what is said to be the “most pathetic” boxing match the world has ever seen. The fight, which took place Saturday, July 11, in Pinoy Pride 31 “Clash of the World Champions” held at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino in Cebu City, drew laughter from the crowd.

Kahwagi, a businessman, politician and showbiz personality in Mexico, knocked Olivas out in the first round in spite of his “awkward” boxing style. As what Boxing analyst and commentator Ronnie Nathanielsz said, he “throws punches in slow motion” possibly because he reportedly had implants in his chest, arms and shoulders.

In the case of 47 year old politician / celebrity / lawyer / entrepreneur / wannabe boxer Jorge Kahwagi, it’s a little from column A and a little from column B.

Showing off that iron fist that’s taken away the consciousness from so many men. He’s the VP of his dad’s newspaper, a congressman, and a cast member of Big Brother. There’s some shadiness surrounding his job in congress (And pretty much everything else he does, too), highlighted by the fact that he took a 6 week vacay from work to star in a reality TV show while continuing to receive a salary. Just to paint the picture, he’s not the type of guy that’s used to hearing the word no, but not in the cool way.

This quirky mofo has also been boxing since 2001. He claims an undefeated amateur record of 43 fights with 12 knockouts and a handful of belts. He’s almost 50 years old, but the kid’s just untouchable in the ring. You should see him fight, it’s really a thing of beauty. And you’re about to see him fight.

Seems legit.

His most recent fight went exactly as you’d expect, he knocked his opponent clean out because he’s a total stud.

So was his fight rigged?

via Fight State