Possible Pitfalls in Your Exercise Regime

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There will always be those folks across the globe that use every excuse in the book not to exercise and yet persistently moan that they are out of shape. However, on the other side of the fence there are those that literally make every possible effort to better their health and perhaps lose some weight, but for some reason don’t seem to be getting anywhere. They try hard, stick with their plans and seem to make all the right moves, but nothing happens…or at least not much.

Now, this can of course be demotivating beyond belief and lead to serious jading, but don’t despair just yet. In truth, there’s often a pretty simple cause which once addressed you can go about putting right and seeing the results you’re gunning for.

So if you fit into the above bracket – as in the latter bracket – take a look at the following common pitfalls that could be standing in your way of success:

You’re Not Upping Your Game Enough

The human body is very clever when it comes to dealing with whatever you throw at it. Its ability to adapt is simply incredible, which means that when you start doing any particular exercise it won’t be more than a few weeks until it stops having any real effect at all. As such, while persistence and routine are great things for exercise, you need to keep stepping things up along the way or you will stall and get no further.

You’re Not Being Consistent

Another common pitfall is being inconsistent. It’s really of very little use to hit the gym for a frenzied workout three days in a row, then take three days off, get back to exercising for one day, then take six days off, then two more days of punishment and so on and so forth. Really, it just won’t work as your body won’t know what the hell is going on. Consistency is key, so look at your own and see what you find.

You’re Not Eating Properly

It’s a no-brainer but one you really have to consider – are you really eating as healthy as you could in line with your goals? Some see working out as an excuse to eat more or shift to less healthy foods, which can indeed increase your energy reserves but will only be of use if you’re willing to burn them off.

You’re Doing Too Much

If you are trying too hard and doing too much, your body will thank you by not working properly. If your body can’t keep up, then logically speaking it cannot possibly improve in its health and performance. Never overestimate your own abilities and always err on the side of caution.

You’ve Chosen an Inappropriate Routine

And finally, do you know for sure that the routine you’ve chosen is good for you, or have you just assumed it is? If your answer is the latter – which chances are it will be – it’s high time you got in touch with a professional even if only for a quick consultation to see if you’re barking up the wrong tree. We’re all different – so too should be our exercise plans.



By Lisa Morton


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