Powerlifting Pensioner: Gym-Going Granny Still Lifts Weights At 69 Years Old (Video)

Meet Britain’s oldest female power-lifter who survived a 30-year battle with cancer by eating raw food and lifting weights. Europe Champion Pat Reeves, 69, claims she beat brain cancer and FOURTEEN bone cancer tumours by saying no to NHS drugs and competing in the power lifting circuits. The grandmother-of-two has picked up trophies and titles for the last 26 years – successfully breaking records and becoming World champion and British Champion in her category for the last FIVE years. Standing in at just 4ft 9inches and lifting with the competitive bodyweight of 50 kilograms the OAP specialises in ‘dead lifts’ – lifting around 90 to 100 kilos. Now preparing for her 70th birthday, pint-sized Pat is hoping to break further world records by being the oldest woman to compete in the WORLD next year.


via Barcroft TV