Pregnancy and Dieting, Where to Draw the Line


There are many people who say that you should never diet during pregnancy. However, most of these people have never been overweight and pregnant, or they have never gained a hundred pounds in one pregnancy. There are situations that warrant dieting during this important time.

If you are overweight and you find out you are pregnant, you should start yourself on a very healthy diet. The plan should consist of eating lots of complex carbohydrates to keep your energy up, a few small servings of proteins daily, and eliminating fats and sugars. This can be difficult if you have cravings, but the cravings must be ignored. This is the only way you will be able to have a healthy baby and still be healthy yourself.

If you are not overweight now but have a tendency to gain large amounts of weight when pregnant, you may also want to go on a special diet. This diet should also consist of lots of complex carbohydrates, few fats and sugars, and small amounts of protein. Of course, you should also get plenty of dairy and green leafy vegetables to keep your calcium up. However, choose low fat variations such as fat free cheese and milk. This way you get all the things you need from these foods without the added fat.

It can be helpful to eat a balanced diet of salads, lean meat sandwiches on low calorie bread, and lots of fruits and vegetables. By eating these low fat healthy foods, you will be giving your body as much fuel as it desires, while also ensuring that you do not gain more weight than is absolutely necessary for a healthy pregnancy.

As with any other diet you plan to try, you will want to talk to your doctor extensively before adopting any diet plan, especially while pregnant. It is important that you get the right mix of nutrients and calories in order to maintain health for you and your baby. The baby will get its nutrients one way or the other, so if you want to maintain your own health, you need to make sure you are getting plenty of them as well. Otherwise your body will be stripped of health, making delivery and taking care of the baby harder.