Prevent Weight Gain During Holidays



It is a holiday season for everybody, no matter whether you’re a – businessman, employees, employers, students and housewives. Nevertheless, due to this holiday season, definitely gain your weight due to unhealthy foods, lack of exercises, late night parties and many other reasons. It is very crucial that, you must keep your eyes and take precaution to prevent gaining extra few pounds! Watching your activity doesn’t mean that – you completely forgot all the events and do your workouts and don’t enjoy the delicious foods! Rather taste them little and carefully.

Nevertheless, here is a quick and very small checklist for you that can help you to stop gaining weight during the holidays!


Don’t Skip Meals – it is very common during holidays, most of us, simply forgot our breakfast and move ahead for various programs throughout the day! Skipping breakfast or any usual meal simply break your digestion problem, not only that, once you start eating  – you can’t control and as a result of this, you eat more than usual! So, it is a better idea that, don’t skip your meals. Fuel-up before parties – Usually, it takes time to serve the food, so, it is a better idea to have some snacks before part, it not only full your stomach, but also protect you from alcohol.

Limit Sugar And Alcoholic Beverages – its holiday and we MUST have sweet teethes! Cakes, pastry, cookies and many other delicious appetizers around us! Sugar is the key element of those sweet dishes! So, eat small. Alternatively, beer and other alcoholic beverages also contain sugar and some different form of sugar like glycerin. They also add calories and fat in your body.

Avoid Fast Food/Junk Food – when we think about we only think, burger, pizza, hotdogs are fast foods, did you ever think about potato chips, fish and chips, finger chips and other dip fries? They’re equally harmful, they not only contain oil, fat content but also some packaged food also contains artificial preservatives! So, stop consuming fast food and snacks between meals.

Be Selective – in parties and individual invitations, usually lots of dishes are served. But keep in mind that, every food in not for you. Be selective and have those foods that contains little or moderate amount of fat and carbohydrate and maximum mount of protein. Don’t taste each dish! Because if you take small amount form every dish, finally, it will convert into a really BIG dish with full of calories.

Workout At Morning – in festive season, normally health clubs and gyms are closed or partially closed! And hopefully you don’t have enough time to attend your regular workouts over there, so, do your exercise at your home. If you don’t have gym equipments in your house, just run in the morning, do some free hand exercises and perform the stamina and strength training exercises (can be performed without any equipments). There are lots of stamina increasing exercises available, just consult with your instructor for complete details.

Finally, don’t be lazy! Do your workout regularly. Few common exercises like – jump rope, push-ups, chins/chin-ups, body weight squats, crunches can give you amazing results.