Pro Bikini Glute Workout!


Pro bikini glute workout! Tips from a pro. She demonstrates the whole routine in the video.

1. Leg press feet together, 10-12 reps +partial reps at the end, 3 sets
2. Smith press lunge, 10-12 reps (heavy weight), 3 sets
3. Butt blaster, 10-15 reps, 2 normal sets + 3rd set as a drop set, hold the contraction!
4. Cable kick backs, 10-12 reps + partial reps at the end, 3 sets
5. Hip abductor, sitting forward, 10-12 reps + partial reps at the end, 3 sets

I did this routine today. My butt was not used to the heavy weight & low reps. I used to do 20 reps for lower body exercises, but doing 10-12 heavy reps is actually nicer and quicker. It’s a great specific routine for your butt muscles only because contrary to a lot of leg/butt routines you feel it in mainly in your glutes and not in your quads.


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