Project Rob: Back at it, no excuses!



Rob checking in here. I’ve slacked big time this past month both at the gym, and at posting on this blog. I could rattle on a million excuses about nonsense because at the end of the day, I didn’t go to the gym enough, I didn’t post my updates, and I didn’t succeed at my goals. I’m not worried though. Why? Because I’ve got some exciting news, i’ve made it nearly impossible to slack this upcoming month of February. (More on this to come later.)

Either way I did workout, and did lose weight, but it came right back. I weighed in last Friday at 323.3.

This is also a lifestyle transformation for me. I finally quit smoking cigarettes (and any tobacco for that matter) over 8 weeks ago. I wasn’t much of a smoker, maybe a pack a week, but it was still detrimental to my health, and I could tell was affecting me at the gym. Quitting smoking for good was so difficult. I was tempted so many times to bum a cigarette, and even peer pressured directly to smoke. I can thankfully say, at this point, I do not intend to be tempted to smoke again.

On New Years Day, I also had my last sip of alcohol for the foreseeable future. Alcohol is a poison, and also empty calories. I can’t be putting that stuff in me.

I’ve changed my schedule around and am working out in the mornings now. Instead of waking up at 8:30, I’m up at 6:30. Instead of going to bed at midnight, im in bed by 10. I can’t work out sustainably 4-6 times a week if I do it at night, I tend to make up too many excuses after a long day of work.

10 p.m. now. I’m off to bed looking forward to 40 minutes on the elliptical, bright and early.