Project Rob: Setting Achievable Goals


Okay, okay! I f*cked up! Well, not really, but kinda! (Sorry for the language, i’m not PG and don’t intend to be on this blog.) I weighed in this past Friday (Dec 21st) at 313 lbs. (5 lbs lost!). That’s fantastic news, BUT! I didn’t make a blog post, and I only went to the gym twice that week. It made me feel awful, depressed, shitty, and wanting to quit. Why? Because I promised everyone here an update every Friday, and I set the goal of 3 gym visits a week to start. I failed at that goal, and no one likes to admit failure, but such is life.

When I started working out, I was told that for me to lose weight, I needed to go to the gym 5 days a week, and run on the treadmill for an hour. That’s probably the most ludicrous statement you could make to an 175 lb overweight individual. (I was 350-365 around then)  I also “needed” to weigh under 200 lbs. The treadmill was too stressful on my legs, and while walking up a hill sounds fun,(Yeah? Right.) the workout never got me really sweating, just made my knees tired. I tried the elliptical and I got the sweat I deserved. I set the goal of 10 minutes and no more for a month. 5 minutes at that point was an eternity. After a month of 10 minutes, (actually it was 2 weeks) I realized 15 probably wouldn’t be so bad. In a matter of months, adding more time became a challenge and I went for two hours straight on my favorite machine! I do not suggest doing this, but at the time, I felt like I could workout and run a marathon, that’s how great I felt.

The reality was that this past week I lost the weight because I was super strict on my calorie intake. Well not really, I ate whatever I felt like eating, just when MyFitnessPal told me I was done for the day, I was done. I also wasn’t really sure what my starting weight for this feat was so I may or may not have lost or gained. Either way, we have an official weight. I took pics to prove it (if you care yet!).

The other reality was that I am re-starting this weight loss journey in the midst of the holiday season. Which for me and most others I know = BUSY. Bad time to start “new” things. But, why wait? Fitness is a lifestyle, I didn’t wait to make the decision to eat myself silly to get to this point, why wait to get started?

I’ll see you Friday.

P.S. Like some of us, I ate my pants off over Christmas. Well, I tried my hardest to keep it down but my roommate bakes some damn good cookies. I wanted to go to the gym Xmas and Xmas Eve, but I was “busy”. That didn’t stop me from busting my ass there today and burning 500 calories in 45 minutes on the Matrix Elliptical (Level 5 out of 25). I may be more or less than 313 on Friday, but ultimately, the Friday after that I will have lost weight. This is a lifestyle change, a journey. It takes time, we’ll get there.