Project Rob: The Details




Ok. So what is Project Rob? How does it work? What am I doing? How am I achieving these goals? Here’s somewhat of what I’d call a FAQ:

1. Do I know what I’m talking about? Maybe, you be the judge but I’ve been exercising and on a healthy lifestyle for the most part for the past year and a half. In that year and a half, I lost about 75 pound of body weight. (Plenty of pics to come.)

2. Why am I doing this? I’ve slacked in the past 3 months. My gym membership expired, I’ve been super busy at work, and I’ve lost focus on my healthier lifestyle. I gained back 30 or so pounds and that’s gotta stop! Sharing a success story can certainly help other people, but for me at least this blog is a commitment, and will keep me motivated.

3. How am I doing this? It’s simple really. I’ve learned that calories consumed are the key to weight loss. I can eat what ever I want, as long as the calories burned throughout my week is greater than the calories I’ve consumed. (It’s not rocket science, really!). I track my calories using the MyFitnessPal app (I’m not endorsed by them, I discovered it through the App Store). which is an awesome free tool to track what you eat!

4. Where am I at now? I last weighed myself maybe 2 weeks ago, and I recollect it was 318 lbs. I’m going to reweigh myself this Friday as what we’ll call “Week 1 Progress Update”. I’ll weigh in every friday, and give a general update about how the week went.

In addition, I’m getting back into the groove by hitting the gym 3 times a week. (It’s a temporary goal, I always only make achievable goals). My “week” starts Monday. I went yesterday and hit the elliptical at Level 5 for 30 minutes. It felt great, I plan on going again tomorrow. I’m mostly excited to see where I am at on Friday and then where I will be at on the 28th. (I’m hoping to be back under 300 by NYE). Not sure if it’s realistic yet.

Feel free to comment and ask questions if you’d like! I’ll have an inbox setup soon as well. In the meantime, stay on that #gymflow.