Proper Diet Plan – In Order To Keep You Healthy And Fit!



Food is an essential requirement for our body, without which we cannot survive. It is necessary that we take correct amount of food everyday otherwise we may fall sick. Inappropriate amount of food consumption not only make us weak but it may result in various kinds of diseases. Some people are of the opinion that engaging yourself in an exercise can be an excellent way to keep yourself fit, but you have to take in some nutritious foods even if you are exercising.

Often we come across some teenagers who avoid eating food items which contains fat. They feel that they will get fat if they eat those foods. But they don’t understand that their body needs certain amount of fat and carbohydrate. On the contrary some people think having lesser amount of food will prevent them from getting fat. But they don’t understand that consuming less food will make them sick.

These days, men or women goes out for work and have to bear lots of stress throughout the day. Therefore it is necessary that they must maintain and follow some diet chart on a daily basis. If you take accurate amount of foods then you will be energetic and strong enough to participate in everyday activities. Doctors always advise that one should not take excess amount of food at one go. On the contrary they should eat limited amount of food four to five times a day. Here are some tips discussed which one can follow to lead a healthy life.

  • Breakfast is an essential meal as it helps the body to stir up and get the energy to work throughout the day. Foods should be chosen carefully. It must contain some carbohydrates, protein and little amount of fat. Having egg and some fruits as a breakfast can be a good choice. Having milk everyday is good for health as it contains calcium and proteins.
  • You must have some snacks two to three hours after your breakfast. This will help you to maintain your energy level. Otherwise you will feel hungry and may not concentrate on your work. You can have some vegetables as these are low calorie and high fiber content.
  • Two to three hours later you will start feeling hungry for lunch and it is necessary that you take some protein content foods. You can have meat or lean chicken and some chopped raw materials.  These foods are good for health and provide nutrition to the body thereby making it more strong and energetic. You may also have some sliced avocado with vinegar sprinkled on it.
  • After having your lunch you may not be hungry for few hours. So, in the evening time you can have some pop-corn or fruits or snacks.
  • Then finally at the time of dinner you can have some protein content foods like chicken or fish. Along with this you can have some less carbohydrate content foods like whole grain bread or brown rice. If you want you can have some dessert.

Protein, calcium, fat and carbohydrates are very essential elements for health. No matter what we eat every day, we must take in some foods which contain these elements to boost up our energy and to keep us fit.

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