Protein Snacks Before Bedtime For Muscle Building And Fat Burning

Protein Snacks Before Bedtime For Muscle Building And Fat Burning


Our body has been programmed to use carbohydrates, proteins and fats as body fuel and energy. This fuel is then used to process multiple functions in the body including stocking up new muscle mass. But every night as you take off to your beauty sleep, your body undergoes a fasting period of 8-9 hours. These crucial hours of rest are vital for your body but your muscles are deprived of their critical energy source and this can throw a negative impact on your workout routine if you fail to envisage a backup plan. 

So how to safeguard your muscle stocks and also enlarge your muscle mass by building new muscle during your sleep? Snacking on those proteins which burn lingeringly right before bedtime is a good idea. Chicken breast or whey protein shakes are a healthy option as they are not only low fat but also will give your muscles the right amount of energy that you need during your sleep. But these proteins are easily digested in about 90 minutes. If you wish to eat proteins that digest over a protracted period of say about 8 hours you will have to look for other options.

Casein protein is the answer to your dilemma. It is easily available at any supplement store or online. It is considered one of the most elemental forms of proteins that digest at a snail speed and delivers the amino acids slowly in your body during your fasting sleeping phase. You can use a blender for mixing the stubbornly difficult casein protein chunks.

Another suitable option before bedtime is lunch meat or any other high fat and high processed meat for example salami, roast beef or turkey complimented with cheese will easily provide you with the 8 hours of muscle building fuel.

If you are on a low budget you can also go for proteins that are higher in fat as the fat content will assist in brain function, will help to build up muscle power and will also boost your testosterone levels. But it is best to practice caution where fats are concerned as consuming higher quantities of protein fats will impede your muscle building goal and will raise your fat levels instead of your muscle structure.

It is imperative that you stay away from carbohydrates, sugars and flour before bedtime. Learn to kill your before bedtime cravings as they only tend to interrupt with your training sessions by increasing your waistline and decreasing your vitality. Instead substituting unhealthy carbohydrates with healthy protein before bedtime will supply you with the right amount of fuel you need to stock up on your muscle even in your sleep. Once your body commences with the fat melting process to build muscle, you can allow yourself a little carbohydrate treat once in a while before bedtime. But before that, you need to work hard. So on with it!