Reason Why Your Personal Trainer May Not Be Qualified For The Job!


When you want to make the initial phase of your physical training easier, you would definitely like to hire a personal trainer. After all, a physical trainer is the person, who can appropriately evaluate your maximum physical abilities and set up achievable goals. The trainer will make a training problem accordingly, which can be easily adopted by you. He/she will not only help you to focus and stick to the program, but also guide you throughout. Hiring a trainer, keeps you from putting extra effort, where you also know that every single penny offered to the trainers would worth.

Now, either you have already hired or are going to hire one, make sure to choose cautiously. As there are several things or factors that you might not notice about the trainers, this can get you confused, while deviating from taking right decisions. There are points given below, which may help you in maximizing your results as well as minimize the money put on trainer.  These points directly focus on the facts that you are supposed to keep in mind while selecting a trainer.



Uncertified trainer

This is the biggest drawback. Whether you are highly impressed after meeting the trainer or your friend have recommended him, keep in mind, do not appoint him/her at once. Never reveal your real emotions on first meeting, even if you like him/her a lot. First of all, inquire about his education and qualifications i.e. he/she should be certified by a certified institution, such as the American Council on Exercise or the American Fitness Professionals & Associates. The programs offered by these organizations guarantee the expertise and experience of all the certified trainers along with displaying their knowledge about all the precise techniques.


Well! You need a nutritional training.

Are these the words you here from your trainer? The better get alert. Mike Duffy, a recognized personal trainer says, “There are situations, where you may receive nutritional advice from person, who’s not even a trainer or expert in any field, just because he is training you.”  At such instances, you may be trapped at unhealthy or inappropriate eating habits. Therefore, in order to stay away from future troubles, make sure to have a solid proof of his qualifications. No matter how much he boasts about his work or experience, do not follow any of his rules unless you have genuine information about his qualifications. Well qualified trainers will never compel you to add lots of nutrition in your diet; instead he/she will encourage you to find out some physical techniques beneficial in the same way.


Is he/she familiar with the techniques?

None other than a physical trainer can show you simples and the easiest way to attain the goals. His duty is not only to teach you the ways, but also put them into the simplest and correct way, so that you can perform it without any trouble. Suppose, you are not using the right techniques for exercise, then you will not only risk your life, moreover you’ll not be able to engage right muscles, which leads to terrible outcomes. Be sure that your trainer has deep knowledge of exercises that he is including in your session. Mike daffy says, “If your trainer unable to guide you throughout the exercise, or tell you why you are squatting or when you hold and release the breathe, then it is certainly a bad sign.”


Latest Training Techniques

With different body, the demand of the body also varies. Every person one has to meet different standard of efforts and approaches in order to attain a healthy body, whether it is about running the marathon or attaining a slim trim body. Therefore for all the different aspects, you would require a different training program —“An expert or experienced trainer would make you turn your desires into ambition and find out ways to make the best use of the exercise program,” said Duffy. If your training is recommending the same set of exercise to his every client, then it’s a bad sign. Greg Robins , physical fitness coach at Cressey Performance in Hudson, MA said  “If your trainer doesn’t make any routine plan for you or makes you jump to heavy exercises in the first phase, don’t appoint him,” .


Trainer and His Clients: Effectiveness of program

If you find your training hanging with his clients for more than few months or weeks, then get ready to kick him out. The long time period shows the trainer’s efforts and struggle that he puts to bring up the results. It is very clear; if he is still offering motivation then the client has not achieved any notable results. In order to clear your doubts, all you have to do, is to ask a question. Ask your trainer about his longest-lasting customers, if he answers 5, 10, 15 or 20 years, means he is not at all right for you.  Through this you will get to know about his establishment in physical training and evaluate the effectiveness of his training program.


His role is like a drill sergeant in your training program

Personal trainer are often tagged with Hitler image among the people as they make them do hard work at times, but people have better experiences also with a trainer who is strong but pleasing attitude towards the clients and exhibits a rejuvenating positive energy. You may think over this also that if you are having a good trainer, you get motivated to some extent and then you do not turn down to any of the odds.


 Check his build

You don’t have to ask your trainer to just take off his shirts and show his muscular body to you, but remember that his body structure should appear absolutely fit. As Duffy has said,” the best trainers are those who live, eat, sleep and breathe health and fitness”. In other words, you won’t be encouraged to attain the best figure of your life by someone with a gut, isn’t it? On this Duffy; a famous recognized trainer says, that if you are going to climb Mt. Everest, you need to go with a guide who has been there for long or an expert of reading books and map, who can easily get you there!


 Believe in your instincts

If you are going to hire a trainer and pay him as well, do not forget to note his every activities and whatever he say. Along with also focus on his past and present works. An experience trainer will keep his complete focus on you, even while talking. He won’t text or chat to other people during the routine. He will keep his points clear on, what, why and how to do. Before making you follow a routine, he’ll gauge your ability to attain a goal and guide you throughout the session. But, if he is very casual with you and texting or chatting during the session, then he lack focus and dedication. Make sure to get a trainer, who keeps the routine interesting along with keeping it simple and achievable.