Reasons You Don’t Have The Body You Want

You have supplements piled up high. You do not miss a training session and this has been going for six months. You have a diet that is clean. And still there are no signs of the body you wanted and have worked this hard for. This problem is usual. At such points people name their genes for the problem or just simply say that the figures on the magazine covers are just non-attainable. But actually it is the following reasons that are hindering your way.

Bad Relationship
Bad relationships are the foremost reason for stress usually and nothing in this world works against your body as bad as stress does. This relationship does not necessarily has to be a romantic one. It can be overbearing in-laws and parents, abusive boss, demanding co-workers, friends etc. All these can cause stress that will effect your system and eventually causes your body to hold fat particularly at the abdomen. You cannot cut these bad relationships, it is almost impossible. You are stuck for life with the parents or in-laws and also the co-workers and boss, unless you leave that job. But try to cut as many bad relations from your life as possible. This will make you more healthy and happy.

Intolerance Of Body Towards Any Food
This is the most difficult to handle. You consume everything that you need that is fish, eggs, lean meat, nuts, fruits, veggies, whole grains and still you can not manage to get rid of the extra pounds. Then it can be that you have a mysterious version of food allergy, that is food intolerance. This causes body inflammation. It is not a full form of allergy in which you get your face swollen as a reaction. This causes only an inflammation of low level and keeps your body from working freely and smoothly. Mostly its the eggs, soy, wheat, dairy and nuts that are main causes of food intolerances. But one can be intolerant to anything parsley, garlic or pineapple. More you eat anything the more are your chances of becoming intolerant to it. Elimination diets and food intolerance tests can help identify the reasons behind.

You yourself are polluted
The toxins in the environment cigarette smoke, metal tooth fillings, prescribed drugs, and mercury in fish can be kept stored in fat cells and can harm your body. The body is smart enough that it is holding these fats then to burn them only to release the toxins in your body’s general circulation. AsĀ  these can make you ill.

You may be working out but not hard enough
You may be showing up at each training session but may be you are not doing the other 50 percent of the job that is putting effort inside the gym. Working leisurely on cardio with a magazine or phone in hand will not help much. Neither doing the same workouts that your body has adapted to. And the reason that others around you in gym look to be getting the desired bodies is their hard work so should also better gear up for exercise at a more fierce pace.