Recommended Workout and Tips for Busy People

Recommended Workout and Tips for Busy People

For most busy people, a normal day consists of a long list of tasks. At the end of the day, they find that they once again missed out on getting in a good workout. They believe they just don’t have the time. But, this is not necessarily true. By just taking 15 minutes from your daily tasks to workout, you can get some great health benefits. Not only will you lose unwanted pounds, but you’ll help to keep your heart healthy. Here are four recommended workout routines for busy people.

1) Take a Walk

Everyone has time for a quick 10-15 minute walk, even busy people. You can walk during your lunch break or while returning phone calls. You can even squeeze in a walk where you would normally drive. Walk to the corner store, or the local post office or bank, instead of driving there.

2) Take the Stairs

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is a very efficient way for busy people to get some quick exercise. From now on, take the stairs at work or anywhere else you frequent on a regular basis. If you’re able to, at the end of the day, start jogging or running down the stairs to get your heart pumping.

3) Take a Class

Sign up for a class at your local gym or community college. I know you believe you don’t have time. However, just go and see what they’re offering. You’d be amazed at some of the very early and late hours that classes are scheduled for to help busy people. You’ll find some great weight training, yoga, dance, sports and Pilates classes. They are all good for getting quality exercise for weight loss and body toning. Plus, these classes are a lot of fun. Taking exercise classes ensures that you put your exercise routine on your calendar and into your daily schedule.

4) Ride a Bike

If you live close to your job or school, start riding your bike there everyday instead of driving or catching the bus. You can put extra clothes in your backpack so you can change once you arrive at your destination. If your destination is too far to ride your bike, invest in an elliptical machine or a treadmill. Both of these types of exercise equipment are great for busy people. You can put them in your home office and ride as you Skype or while on conference calls. You can also get in a good workout while watching the kids play or watching a good movie on TV. You can find a great treadmill from This company also specializes in elliptical machines.