Red Bull’s 750bhp F1 Car vs A Rugby Team (Video)

A Formula One car versus eight rugby players – doesn’t sound like a very fair fight, does it? A 750 brake horsepower, state-of-the-art speed machine that can hit well over 200mph versus eight humanoids made of nothing more advanced than skin, muscle and bone.

In this video, you will find out. Red Bull Racing dispatched one of its work experience drivers – some guy called Daniel Ricciardo, apparently – over to Farleigh House. Farleigh House is the location of Bath Rugby’s training ground, in Somerset.

Ricciardo had no idea what they wanted to do at first. “I was like, ‘How do you do that?’”, he said. Apparently, the players had no idea who’d they’d be squaring up against either. Ricciardo gave the game away pretty early when he rocked up in the 2012, championship-winning RB8. This is because It sounds quite nice. And loud.

So the stage was set: eight Bath Rugby team players would try and repel the advances of Red Bull’s 750bhp, 200mph Formula One car at full chat. Surely, this had to end in a squishy, fleshy mess?

Um, not quite. “I think for me to even be involved and to be in the car with all these big scary guys trying to push me back, it’s quite cool,” Ricciardo said.

Who wins? Click play above to find out. And, it goes without saying – if you have a Bath Rugby team and a Red Bull F1 car at your disposal, please don’t try this at home.

via Top Gear