Red Weiler By Olimp Nutrition Product Review



Welcome to my review on the latest pre-work supplement Red Weiler by Olimp Nutrition. In this review I will go through its ingredients and all of their benefits. Also to finish it off i’ll give you my personal opinion of the product and its effects.

Armageddon pump formula:
L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate –1100mg
Citruline malate — 750mg
Sodium citrate — 500mg
Vitamin b6 — 0.93mg

Berserkers performance blend:
Beta-alanine — 1100mg
Creatine monohydrate — 750mg
Creatine malate (Tcm tricreatine malate) — 350mg
Calcium phosphate — 323mg
Niacin (niacin equivalent) — 16mg
Vitamin b1 — 0.92mg

Red fury matrix:
L-tyrosine — 150mg
Caffeine — 100mg
Cayenne pepper extract (8% capsaicin) — 7mg
Black pepper extract (95% piperine)

Ingredient benefits:

L-arginine — converts to nitric oxide when digested and this then opens your blood vessels for improved blood flow.
Citruline malate — increases nitric oxide production,reduces ammonia and lactic acid levels. Also increases ATP and phoshocreatine recovery.
Sodium citrate — known to help reduce blood acidity.
Vitamin b6 — helps produce energy levels by the process of metabolism.

Beta-alanine — boosts muscular strength and power. Increases muscle mass and boosts muscular anaerobic endurance.
Creatine monohydrate — provides additional energy for your muscles to perform. Also can increase muscle mass.
Creatine malate — another form of creatine to ensure absorption.
Calcium phosphate — decreases risks of diseases such as colorectal cancer. Also maintains strong bones and teeth.
Niacin — helps convert carbohydrates into energy and help to lower cholesterol levels.
Vitamin b1 — this vitamin is essential for the break down of fat and protein. Also keeps the mucus membranes healthy.

L-tyrosine — can help increase libido and enhance your mood.
Caffeine — increases stamina levels, reduces post workout pain, mixed with carbs it can replenish muscle glycogen concentrations faster after exercise.
Cayenne pepper extract — can help with pains, helps with allergies and is used as a detox supplement.
Black pepper extract — increases body nutrition uptake and helps stimulate the break down of fat cells.

My Personal Thoughts:

Mixture: when I first opened Red Weiler I thought it may be a bit of a gritty drink due to it looking very crystal like. This is actually due to Olimp nutritions granulated and rapidly dissolvable formula. Gladly this was not the case as it mixed very easy and leaves no foam or after powder residue.

Taste: the taste is great. Very sweet tasting but not eye watering like some supplements out there. I decided to go with fruit punch as I find you can’t go wrong with this flavour. And Red Weiler helps me prove this.

Strength: wow! I have tried many top pre work outs and Red Weiler is up there with the kings of pre work outs. I was shocked how good it was. I am now on my second tub, and already iv smashed my bicep curl personal best, and squats and dead lifts. So for me this has proven worthy to be known as a top pre work out supplement.

Benefits: I noticed amazing benefits during my first tub. I gained massive strength and energy levels. And monster pumps in and out of the gym. Also the vascularity is amazing I know this cause my girlfriend would worry something is wrong but in that I was just pumping off Red Weiler 🙂 The mental focus and endurance is amazing As well. I truly would recommend this to any serious athlete wanting a a pre workout supplement that will blow you and your personal bests away,and help you gain the body you deserve.