Remove Unwanted Stretch Mark & Get Wanted Beauty Back



Stretch marks are caused by sudden stretching of skin and mostly occur during pregnancy. Stretch marks occur when the skin lacks elasticity while it expands. Women who have babies know how the stretch marks hamper the appearance of their skin. Every woman tries to avoid stretch marks and we have a perfect solution for them at white lotus. The stretch marks and cellulite serum is very effective in curing the stretch marks.

Green Tea for Stretch Mark Removal – A Perfect Anti Agent:

The main ingredient which is very effective in removing stretch marks is green tea. Green tea’s oil has special medicinal properties which help to rejuvenate the cellulite under the skin and tackle stretch marks and also prevents the skin from getting dry. The product works best when used with white lotus skin needling roller. The product is made of completely natural ingredients of high quality with skin rejuvenation properties. The cream is easily absorbed by the skin and it works effectively with the advantage of improved blood circulation in the region prepared by lotus needle roller. It keeps the skin well moisturized. Many women tend to use laser therapy for stretch marks treatment but it has recently been proved that green tea is around 10 times better in rejuvenating the skin cells and treating stretch marks. The anti inflammatory and anti rednessproperties of green tea are the most valuable benefits for stretch mark removal therapy.

Micro Needle Skin Treatment:

By using fine micro needles of White Lotus needle roller a little sensation is induced below the epidermal skin. By this process, Collagen is stimulated in the area which is effective in skin rejuvenation and thus helps to get back the wanted beauty.  The collagen production synergies with the benefits of the cream and removes stretch marks. Green tea works effectively in preventing the degradation of Collagen and Elastin. If used properly the technique is very effective and works miraculously in curing the stretch marks. The product is formulated by combining the special properties of green tea and a few other special Chinese herbs. The product is completely natural and effective in removing stretch marks. It has no side effects and completely rejuvenates the skin cells. After regular usage you can notice that your stretch marks have begun to fade and they will completely vanish soon. Now you don’t need to worry about those stretch marks as the product brings you your much wanted beauty back.

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