Replace One Meal With a Proper Smoothie



The so-called smoothies, which have been very popular recently, are just perfect for breakfast or for replacing one of your meals during the day. This makes it not only a great drink but also perfect for people who are on diet or just want to lead a healthy way of life.

The texture and temperature of the smoothie depend on the personal preferences of the consumer. You may want your smoothie freezing cold or just refreshing, you can mix several types of smoothies or make variations of their texture and colours. The important thing is to make your smoothie completely natural, with absolutely no sugar in it. You may use vegetables, citruses, or sweet fruits.

However, in order to prepare a smoothie you need two types of fruit – juicy and fleshy. You may try cutting some fleshy fruits such as peaches, mangoes, bananas, etc. into small pieces and mix them with more juicy fruits, such as orange, for example. Of course, you can do a smoothie also from some vegetables, such as cabbage and spinach and add some juicy fruits for sweetness. And if you add some milk or cheese, you will get a drink that will not only fill you with a lot of energy, but is also sufficient enough to replace one of your meals.


Today we offer you to try a “green” smoothie. In case you don’t know what this is, a “green” smoothie is a combination between green-leaf vegetables, sprouts, seaweed, citrus and some other fruits cut in small pieces. In other words, something like a green milkshake without any milk in. there are literally endless variations of this drink, but its base are green-leaf vegetables.

“Green” smoothies have a couple of key benefits that make them irresistibly attractive in case you want to be in great physical shape. They:

  • Improve the absorption of beneficial substances that your body needs;
  • Reduce your appetite and craving for sweet foods;
  • Deliver you an instant energy flow;
  • Regulate your digestion;
  • Make you feel “clean” and “light”;
  • Make you easier when you need to be on a diet’
  • Are great for people, who don’t like eating vegetable salads.


Our recipe

Here is an easy and quick recipe of a “green” smoothie you can replace your breakfast with:

1. Choose your “green” base. Some of the best green-leaf vegetables you can use in order to make a great smoothie are spinach, baby cabbage leaves, saltbush (atriplex), etc. Take two handfuls of the vegetable you have chosen for your base and put them in your blender. Add a cup and a half of water.

2. Choose a fruit or a mix of seasonal or frozen fruits or berries: blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, orange, etc. Cut them in small pieces and add about a cup and a half of them, too.

3. Choose a therapeutic ingredient and some spices. You can use: lemon juice, ginger, garlic, turmeric, chia seeds, parsley, fresh mint, etc.

4. Turn the blender on and mix everything together until you get a nice green smoothie. Serve the drink immediately after blending. Drink slowly, “chew” every sip and enjoy!

In case you want to try making a salty smoothie, use the same basis (cabbage, spinach, saltbush, etc) but instead of any fruits add some more fleshy and delicious vegetables, such as: tomatoes, carrots, beetroot, radish, celery, cucumber, etc.

Then follow the next steps and you will have another great smoothie you can use in order to replace one of your meals during the day.

Of course, you need to be aware of the fact that you can’t expect your smoothie be a universal meal or some kind of a magic “pill” that will help you deal with your health or weight issues. Have in mind that smoothie is not a solution to all of your problems.



Author Bio:Connie Jameson is passionate fitness and nutrition enthusiasts. With her current job at she has enough time to take care of her diet and workouts.