Resistance Band Workout For The Upper Body (Video)


Here is a nice at home resistance band workout for the upper body from Fitness Blender. Resistance bands are an awesome training tool because they are  inexpensive and easy to store and travel with.

For this Resistance Band Workout video, all you’re going to need is a set of bands, as well as a door anchor or wall attachment to hook your band onto for several of the exercises. Most kits come with an anchor or foam roll that you can stick through any door frame – if you don’t have one, you can weave the band that you want to use through the handle of a second band, and then close the handle of that second tubing on the outside of the door so that it holds it in place. If you have a heavy enough piece of furniture, you could also loop the tubing around the leg of a chair, sofa, or table.


Workout Structure
6 Exercises
12 Repetitions
3 Rounds


Chest Presses – Turn away from the point that you are anchored, and this time complete a chest press.

Lateral Pulls – Lie on your back with your arms above your head, hands pointed towards where your band is anchored. Pull up and just over your head, then lower your hands back down to the ground above your head to complete one rep.

Shoulder Presses – Stand on the tubing, making sure that there is equal length on each side. Press up so that your hands are level with your shoulders; this is your starting point. Press straight up, and then lower to complete a rep.

Bicep Curls – Stay standing on the rope, and this time straighten and flex at the elbow to complete bicep curls, making sure to keep your elbows pinned at your sides.

Tricep Extensions – Step over, on, and through the tubing in order to end up standing on the tubing with one foot and over it with the other. Extend on arm overhead and complete a tricep extension.



via Fitness Blender