Resistance Band Workouts For More Muscle (Video)

Resistance band – a very lightweight workout tool that can do the maximum muscle exercise without the expense of gym machines and other apparatus. It’s cheap and very handy, just like what a fitness lifestyle should be. So what are the most effective resistance band exercises that can help with growing more muscles?

Jeff from ATHLEAN-X shows us the benefits of using resistance bands while working out.

Resistance bands are one of the most common workout equipment options,especially home workouts. That said, there are some major limitations to using them, alone that is. In this video, I show you why resistance bands could be one of the best training tools you ever use if you learn to use them in concert with the more popular dumbbells to get the most out of both pieces of equipment.

To understand this video you have to appreciate the differences in strength curves that resistance band workouts provide when compared to dumbbells. For instance, when doing a dumbbell incline bench press (as shown here) your chest works most at the bottom of the rep when the dumbbell is closest to your body. When you press the db back to the top however, you find that the resistance is dramatically reduced. You could actually hold the dumbbell at the top and rest for awhile if you needed to.

On the other hand, using resistance bands to perform an incline bench press will provide an entirely different challenge for your muscles. Here, the pecs contract the hardest at the top of the movement. When shown as I have it in the video, with the band somewhat to the outside of my shoulder and behind me, you get not only resistance on the press but also on horizontal adduction as well. This makes this version of the incline bench press not only slightly different but better than either the band or dumbbell version alone.

The same can be said about the dumbbell incline curl. The curl done with a band will make the exercise the hardest at the top where the band is stretched maximally. On the other hand, when performed with a dumbbell the curl will be hardest at the middle of the rep since your forearm will be positioned maximally against the force of gravity. Combine the dumbbell and the resistance band together and you have a supercharged version of the curl that can get you even better results.

Not every single resistance band exercise can be converted into a better dumbbell combo exercise however. I show you an example of this with the dumbbell side lateral raise for the shoulder. Here, the strength curves are overlapping and the exercise is becoming just too difficult.