Resolving Resolutions: How to Keep on Top of Your Fitness Goals




Physical fitness is an essential part of staying healthy. The benefits from being fit are not relegated to weight loss, but improve the condition of the body and mind. Heart disease, cancer risks, brain function, and mental illness all improve with consistent exercise. However, keeping in shape is a daunting task that requires many new habits are formed. Here are some tips to help keep your motivation up and your body moving.


Eat Well

Restricting calories doesn’t help weight loss, or physical fitness. Your body needs energy to build muscle. Restricting only sets yourself up for failure in the dietary category. It’s much better to eat healthy foods that give your body what you need, including calories. If you stay active, your body will appreciate the fuel and new muscle will use caloric energy, even when resting.


Work Exercise Into Daily Routines

Everyone has heard about using the stairs instead of the elevator, but in reality working extra movement into your daily routine can keep motivation stores up, when it comes time for the gym. It’s as easy as squeezing your abs while waiting in line, to strengthen your core. Whatever you do builds your capacity to push yourself in workouts.


Do What You Love

If you find a certain kind of exercise is more tedious than entertaining, switch to an activity that’s more fun. It will keep you moving and coming back for more. Find ways to enjoyably incorporate cardio and strength training into your routines. For example, swimming provides an excellent, yet gentle, workout, but if you enjoy exercising with a view, a scenic hike may be better.


Be Kind to Yourself

The point of being fit is to feel good. It doesn’t help to berate yourself for a workout not fully utilized. Rather, shame is a quick way to destroy motivation. An effective approach would be to reward yourself for sticking to your routine, building new habits, and listening to your body’s needs.


Hire a Personal Trainer

A health coach can help you to stay focused on your goals. Having the external source of encouragement and support, can keep you on track for eating and exercise habits you wish to maintain.


Staying in shape is not easy, but it is very rewarding to treat your body so well. Remember to celebrate every time you notice an improvement in strength, endurance or flexibility. It is a sign of a body well loved.