Rihanna’s Secret Exercise Routine




Rihanna, who’s pretty hot right now, has no problems talking about how hard she works to stay healthy. She recently told Fabulous magazine all about her workout regime. Here are highlights:

YOU have an amazing figure. How do you stay in shape?
A lot of hard work and a lot of running on the treadmill. Cardio is the key. I have a personal trainer who travels with me if we have a big event coming up. I work out every day but I need a trainer to motivate me – I don’t find it much fun working out on my own.

What do you like about your body?
My bum, and I keep working at it as I want it to be perfect. It makes my clothes look good – and guys like it!

And what do you like least?
My legs. I’m insecure about them. Everyone wants to have slim, perfectly-toned legs and I’m the same. I do weights but I don’t want my legs to bulk up so I do a lot of cardio. I’ve lost a lot of weight since I started working out and if I exercise every day for a week, I can drop several pounds. If I diet, I see even faster results.

There’s more, including talk about her restrictive diet and she even divulges how much she weighs, something you never ever hear from a celeb, so read more.

Do you have a strict diet?
Carbs are the enemy but if I go three days without them, I start getting weak. If my trainer had her way, I’d eat small meals every three hours, but I sometimes only eat once or twice a day. I have egg whites and pineapple for breakfast with hot water and lemon. For lunch I have fish and potatoes. I hate vegetables but I make myself eat them. For dinner I have fish again.

Does size matter?
Not at all. My size varies – sometimes I’m a 2, sometimes 4 – but what matters is being fit and healthy. Being slim makes me feel better about myself. It boosts my self-esteem, and having a toned body helps with my job because I wear a lot of skimpy costumes. My weight fluctuates, but I don’t weigh myself every day. I’m 5ft 8in and weigh around 9st 7lb. (133 pounds)

Interesting read, though I am not pleased to hear that she eats once or twice a day — I’d be famished, she should listen to her trainer and eat small meals every three hours.